Rifundazione Comunista embraces Clintonianism


Call to boycott the Iraqi resistance demo in Rome

Since the call for the demonstration in favour for the Iraqi resistance scheduled for December 13 has been launched, a transversal front from the Fascist movement to Rifundazione Comunista (PRC) passing by the two party regime has been trying to destroy it by all means.

The PRC has been in the centre of the campaign against the resistance demonstration mainly launching the slander of "Fascist infiltration" into the demonstration. This accusation lacks any political substance as all the main Fascist organisations are supporting the Italian adventure in Iraq on the side of US imperialism. What political such an infiltration would make?

They did not dare to give the real explanation for their aggressive anti-resistance stance as Itaky had seen a giant movement against the war in which PRC hopes to fish votes. Within the movement and the population in general there is a strong sympathetic sentiment towards the Iraqi resistance paralleling it with the Anti-fascist resistance having at least partially liberated the country from the Nazi occupation.

They have to play two roles at once. Pleasing the movement for votes and pleasing the centre left for a ticket into governmental offices. Therefore they did not come out in the open.

After the slander campaign resembling the medieval witch hunts with faked evidence but pre-established result proved to be unsuccessful, only one day before the demonstration Gennaro Migliore, head of the PRC´s department for external affairs, issued a political statement officially calling for the boycott of the demonstration.

The political line offered is a form of left wing Clintonianism – the right wing of the anti-globalisation and pacifist movement:

The Iraqi resistance, which is preoccupying the entire imperialist world, is not even mentioned!

Only once an "undefined resistance" is referred to in a pejorative way trying to discredit the demonstration and setting it in contradiction to the movement for the withdrawal of the occupation troops: "They [the Anti-imperialist Camp] try to poison, in the name of solidarity for an undefined Iraqi resistance, the broad, democratic mass front which opposes and confronts the pre-emptive war, the occupation of Iraq and the imperial strategy of Bush and his allies Blair, Aznar and Berlusconi."

Instead the PRC´s sorcerer brings up the old neutralist and pacifist position which denies the Iraqi people not only the role of the protagonist of their liberation struggle but also its means: The Iraqi resistance and the solidarity mobilisation "have nothing to do with the peace movement and any attempt for a democratic transformation of society".

Apparently the PRC follows its homologue, the Iraqi Communist Party. For them a "democratic society" can only be constructed on the US bayonets. Therefore they condemn the resistance as Fascist and participate in the US quisling council.

Their alternative is to push aside Bush and his Neo-cons and bring back the illusions, the "blue smoke" of the New World Order promised by Clinton and its European followers, left liberalism, on whose ticket PRC hopes to govern:

"We continue to fight in parliament and in the country for the withdrawal of the occupation troops, that arms are substituted by politics, that the preventive war and the project of predominance of the neo-conservative right of the US is defeated. We continue to do it with the idea to stay with the majority of the world public opinion and to be able to efficiently confront the tragedy of war and terrorism by different politics and by the fundamental choice of non-violence."

Without spelling it the Iraqi resistance is being described as terrorist. Another element of the corporate media´s text book cannot lack: Islamic fundamentalism. The Anti-imperialist Camp is being accused of helping the media to display the convergence of the pacifism with Islamic fundamentalism and red as well as Fascist extremism.

Here we go – the Islamo-Nazi-Communist block! The Anti-imperialist Camp is being accused to break the "category of historic Anti-Fascism" and substitute it by Anti-Americanism alluding again and again a co-operation with Nazis.

Actually historic Anti-Fascism meant to fight Fascism with the aim to overcome imperialism and capitalism altogether. Whoever wants to do so today must support the Iraqi resistance. That is the only concrete meaning of Anti-Fascism today.

For the PRC it means something different, namely the "Anti-Fascism" of US brand as the counterpart to "totalitarism" opposed to the "free market society". Accordingly the US two party capitalist regime is the only guarantee against Fascism, Communism and lately also Islamism, that is the notorious Islamo-Nazi-Communist block.

Rifundazione thus has definitely joined the transversal imperialist block against the resistance.
The anti-imperialist struggle will continue against them like the Iraqi resistance has to fight against the Iraqi Communist Party.