Vienna: Demo in support of the Iraqi resistance


Jan 17, anniversary of the aggression of 1991

Solidarity with the Iraqi Resistance

Iraqi Resistance, whether it be civil or military action, is the exact opposite of terrorism. Terrorism is illegal political violence. The invasion of Iraq constitutes an act of terrorism, as does the bombing of infrastructure, flats and the Iraqi defenders. The continued occupation of Iraq is terrorism. Mass-arrests and shots against demonstrations are acts of terrorism. Everybody who takes action against this, no matter in which way, is acting in accordance with international law, which is explicitly proclaiming the right of resistance against occupation.

Iraq today is the field of a decisive political conflict. If the Anglo-Saxon war of aggression successful, pacification and colonialization of the country being realised, a pax americana being established in the entire Arabo-Islamic area – the result would be an end to international law, an end to national sovereignty, continuation of the terrorist "war on terror". In short: one important step in the construction of the American empire the neo-conservative think-tanks are striving for.

If those plans collapse, even partly, this will constitute a decisive setback for aggressive militarism. It will be an important battle lost on behalf of the ruling world order, which serves only one small part of humanity.

Iraqi resistance consists of different forces: Islamic groups, nationalists, supporters of the old regime of Saddam, communists…… Not all of them fight for popular souvereignity. Still fewer are revolutionaries. Nevertheless: Today it is of primary importance if one is fighting with the American empire or against it. The aspirations of the peoples in the Arabo-Islamic world towards democracy, social and national liberation can only be realised in the fight against the occupiers – and not on their side. Political, social and military conflicts are changing those who take part. For this we support the entire resistance, but foremost those forces who call for a democratic constituent assembly, the only possibility to realise peoples power.

The large scale inability of the European left to take sides in the ongoing war in Iraq, to condemn aggression and solidarise with the resistance shows how small has become the ability to do independent politics against the capitalist world system. In such a confrontation, there is no political area in the "middle". He who does not speak up is supporting the stronger side, is sailing in the wake of European social-democracy – calling upon international law before the war broke out, and now trotting behind United States aggression. It is either for or against the Empire.

Freedom for Iraq and Palestine,
For national self-determination and a democratic constituent assembly,
Support the resistance!