Seraikistan to curb Punjabi expansionism and to unify sub-continent


Speech of Abdul Majeed Kanjoo, president of the Seraiki National Party, at MR 2004

The conflict between oppressed nations of Pakistan and the ruling clique is in fact a conflict with imperialist globalization but it is deliberately buried under the dust of conflict between Pakistan and India to keep the politics of South Asia in their accordance.

The world today is under the grip of deep crisis which can result in reshaping its present constitution. This is a usual practice when the world was under control of the imperialists in last century faced such crisis than it was reshaped.

What is needed today is a new world, peaceful with harmony and tolerance having constitutional, democratic and human values guaranteeing equal status for each nation on earth.

On the contrary, today there are differences on constitution, democracy, human rights and peace among the nations. This is because of the double standards of the imperialists who are keeping up the status quo for their ulterior motives. The world demarcated into first, second and third status is also a legacy of imperialists when they physically ruled unaware masses of the third world.

Sub-continent of India was the most strategic land held by British Empire as their political and economic colony. Being a multinational, cultural, religious and multi-civilization union of states with a week central authority was easily conspired to divide and ruled by them. Economic resources were enormous and the population comprised of simple and peaceful people, honest and hard working, who always led the South Asians. The Indians never accepted British but the rulers were not prepared to leave the land at any cost. To control the masses they recruited a big class of loyalist comprising the feudal and religious leaders of different cultures. The agents for the sake of titles, peaces of land and other benefits misguided the oppressed masses and propagated the rulers as angles on earth. With these loyalists, a military might was also ready in case the oppressed resisted the imperialist rulers.

Punjabis who had developed an alliance with British in 19th century were ready to fight back any sort of resistance against the rulers. Punjabi/British clique proved their alliance in 1857´s mutiny when whole of India was fighting militarily for freedom but it was overcome jointly.

After 28 years the resistance against imperialists took a new turn when "Indian national congress" took lead and politicized on international level. Indians got engaged in Quit India Movement and end of imperialism from the new world influenced by Marxist ideology. The struggle was non violent and political so Punjabi force could not be used as in previous years. It seemed that imperialists would have to quit India disgracefully and millions of oppressed would succeed to constitute a new world.

India became main opponent of the world imperialism although communism was emerging in Russia, the neighboring country. British by virtue of governing India were in opposition to take such steps which were highly disastrous but could avert the defeat.

Firstly they used feudal of the Muslim community in a plan for division of Bengal on Hindu and Muslim basis in 1905. To cement this melafide division "All India Muslim League" a political party was floated in 1906 with a slogan that if you are Muslim than join Muslim League. Demand for Pakistan within subcontinent rehabilitated the position of imperialists as honorable who would give the judgment on to nation theory. The communal hatred erupted during the creation of a separate Muslim state resulting mass migration, the largest reshuffle in human history. Uncountable Indians were massacred by their fellows living together for centuries. In the name of Pakistan seeds of war between believers and non believers were sown oppressing all human values. A fort of Islam within subcontinent was the actual need as India had the largest Muslim population in the world.

So was geography of Pakistan drawn comprising Muslim majority areas of Bengal and Punjab. Bengali Muslim feudal not the masses were creators of All India Muslim League while Punjabis as a whole were collaborators of the rulers and so were not concerned with Muslim League or the Congress parties. In the elections prior to partition unionists emerged as exclusive party of Punjab. In 1947 Punjab was divided on Muslim and non Muslim bases and it was insured that not a single Muslim was left in other part. Muslim Punjab was designed an architected as fort of Islam, a custodian of imperialist interest in South Asia and the Muslim world that is why the Muslim Punjabis in Pakistan were allowed to hold non Punjabis areas conquered by Ranjit Singh in 19th century. While Indian Punjab soon after partition was right sized in its real population and geography. The hegemony of Punjab over component nations of Pakistan was further strengthened when it usurped an other non Punjabi states of Bahawalpur in 1969. Expansionist designs of Punjab starting from 19th century were never taken notice of by any from the international community. The time proved that Pakistan was created by imperialist for the Punjab to gain opposition in subcontinent as a front line state against Russia or any other country opposed to their interests. The task could only be made possible by Punjab + army ruling clique keeping away other component nations from governance. They were the only trusted and tested people by the imperialists as hands in gloves. So called ideology of Pakistan and terror in the name of Islam is ever the basic theme of this clique as legacy of the last century.

By virtue of colonization of Seraiki area 60% in lands and population Punjab enjoys the majority to rule Pakistan in sham democracy. But at certain times when they are compelled to exposure the army steps in, singularly and naked. Due to this usual practice with legitimacy available from the super powers Punjab + army is developed as cruel oppressors not only in Pakistan but all over South Asia. Running without constitution negating democratic and human values Pakistan is a jail for oppressed Seraiki, Sindhi, Baloch and Pushtoon nations. Bengalis conspired to be the creators of Pakistan broke the yoke of Punjab + army clique paying very heavy price of massacre and molestations after 23 years of creation.

The conflict between oppressed nations of Pakistan and the ruling clique is in fact a conflict with imperialist globalization but it is deliberately buried under the dust of conflict between Pakistan and India to keep the politics of South Asia in their accordance. To keep the politics of South Asia in accordance to wishes of hundreds and millions people of the region can only insure a peaceful and idealistic world.

This goal can only be achieved if the conflict between Punjab and India ends. Hard feelings of the Punjab towards India are natural because India re-demarcated Punjab and revived the conquered/usurped areas from its geography. These feelings would have been terminated if Pakistani Punjab had also been re-demarcated with revival of Multan and Potohar. Expansionism, usurpation of lands and resources, formation of ruling clique with army and lastly Punjabization of not only Pakistan but adjoining countries are salient features of the Muslim Punjab. And these are the achievements which met Punjabi brethren in Pakistan while India has snatched the same from Punjabis of the other side. Normalization of relationship between Pakistan and India stressed by super powers is nothing but one sided orders. Punjab can further benefit by compliance of these orders while the route cause will remain unchanged, conflict between Punjab and India. Constitution of a new world in 21st century will not be possible if the misdeeds of imperialists done in the last century are not addressed.

The conflict between Pakistan and India is declared to be the issue of Kashmir while in view of Seraiki National Party, Punjab in the name of Pakistan wishes Kashmir to be its part, as expansion on the southern side has been stopped after usurpation of Bahawalpur. Our party also believes that the new world which is being longed for is quite viable with containment of Punjab in its actual geography and population. State of Multan as in 1818 and former state of Bahawalpur as on 1953 should be revived and with emergence of Seraikistan a balanced federation of Pakistan be a part of South Asia.

It´s a good opportunity to be in anti imperialist camp for MR 2004 that the oppressed nations of South Asia can struggle jointly and resist imperialist globalization. Seraiki National Party invites the resisting groups against imperialism to look into the matters of oppressors and the oppressed in Pakistan. And cooperate with humane and justified struggle of 50 millions Seraikis in Pakistan who are the most oppressed nation exclusive to 30 millions in India migrated from their homeland at the time of partition. Formation of Seraikistan will right sized Punjab and its misdeeds will actually be altered. The hard feelings of Punjab towards India can be ended and the conflicts will be alternated. Thus ensuring the peace in South Asia to achieve the expected we should all join hands and struggle hard.

Abdul Majeed Kanjoo
Seraiki National Party