The Iraqi resistance and terrorism are two different things!


Statement of solidarity from the Danish Committee for a Free Iraq (KFI)

March 14, 2004

Following the terror bombings in Madrid on March 11, the imperialist mass media, controlled by imperialism itself, have been trying to picture all kind of opposition to imperialism as terrorism. This has been the case in Italy, for instance, where a smear campaign has been launched against the Anti-Imperialist Camp and other forces who support the legitimate Iraqi resistance against the brutal, US-led occupation of Iraq.

We, Danish and Iraqi anti-imperialists of the Danish Committee for a Free Iraq, hereby declare that we will never surrender to the terror campaigns of imperialism and hide our support for popular resistance against imperialism and occupation, be it in Iraq, Palestine, or Afghanistan.

When listening to the imperialist media, one should ask himself: Who actually benefits from the terror bombings carried out in one of the big working class areas in the Spanish capital? It is the Spanish government and all the other reactionary governments, including the Danish, waging their so-called "War on Terror" and presenting themselves exactly as "our protectors from terror", while they themselves have killed thousands of innocent Iraqis, Afghanis, Palestinians, etc., and are still committing daily, terrorist atrocities against the peoples around the world.

We simply ask: What should be the interest of trying to connect the legitimate Iraqi resistance or, for that matter, the ETA, with these openly fascist killings of innocent civilians in Spain? The Iraqi resistance solely targets the US-led occupying power, its institutions, and collaborators in Iraq, and wages a fully legitimate resistance according to international law. And nobody should use the terror bombings in Madrid to smear the just resistance of the Iraqi people, and the forces who are doing just that are objectively siding with the world´s biggest terrorist, imperialism led by the US.

The Iraqi resistance highly appreciates the solidarity of the peoples of Spain, Italy and all other peoples of the world with its struggle to liberate Iraq.

We must reiterate to our people that the so-called "War on Terror" is being carried out by using terrorism in a giant scale to combat all people fighting imperialism and its inevitable consequences, war, terror, repression and exploitation. It is the time, not for weakening, but for strengthening our solidarity with all the peoples fighting for their liberation and progress.

We express our solidarity with our friends and comrades in the Anti-Imperialist Camp in their solid, anti-imperialist work.

Fight imperialism and its occupations!
Support the struggles of the peoples!

Copenhagen, March 14, 2004

On behalf of the Danish Committee for a Free Iraq (KFI)

Sammi Alaá
Carsten Kofoed