We do not want to be the hostages of the US war!


Lessons of Spain by the Austrian Committee Free Iraq

The Spaniards chased away Aznar because he bears the political responsibility for the massacre of Madrid. They have understood that the tragic attacks were in retaliation for the participation in the US aggression on Iraq.

The message is clear: As long as Palestine and Iraq are occupied and the legitimate demand to self-determination unheard, there will be forces among the Arab people who will respond to high tech terror with traditional terror in this asymmetric war.

The European support – against the explicit will of the majority – for the imperial claims of the US threatens us all. The slogans raised on the streets of Madrid speak a clear language: "The dead are our´s, the war your´s. You have waged the war, we must die." Aznar led Spain into war on the side of the US. He tried to abuse the victims of Madrid in his "war on terror" to the detriment of the Spanish population.

Also the Austrian government is serving the US occupation in breach of the constitution which strictly stipulates neutrality: it deployed Austrian police officers to Jordan to educate Iraqi police in the service of the US.

Also for the sake of our own security we demand:

End the occupation of Iraq!
Self-determination to the Palestinians!
Halt the imperial US war!

We cal upon all democratic and peace-loving people to join hands marching to the US embassy to protest the first anniversary of the US attack on Iraq.

Committee "Free Iraq" Austria