On the possible release of the Italian prisoners to an independent delegation of the anti-occupation


Heading for a lethal defeat of the warmongering US slave Berlusconi

Yesterday the demonstration called for by the family members of the three Italians in the hands of the Iraqi resistance took place. The Anti-imperialist Camp participated in the mobilisation. Despite the clumsy attempts of the government to change the character of the manifestation it emitted a clear and unequivocal signal: no to the war, immediate withdrawal of the occupation troops, solidarity with the Iraqi resistance.

During the demonstration the Anti-imperialist Camp was contacted by telephone by the chairman of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, Abduljabbar Al-Kubaysi. As everybody knows he is trying his best to get the three Italian prisoners released as soon as possible.

Al-Kubaysi stated that for a positive solution of the problem it would be appropriate if a delegation of leaders of the Italian movement against the war – pacifists and anti-imperialists – would made themselves ready o go to Iraq in order to receive Umberto Cupertino, Salvatore Stefio and Marizio Agliana.

He actually underlined that the three could not be given to representatives – whether direct or indirect – of the Italian government. This government is not only a belligerent and occupant force in Iraq. In the most irresponsible way prime minister Silvio Berlusconi reiterated his willingness to obey to the directives of G.W. Bush and to keep the Italian troops in Iraq also after 30 June.

Immediately after having received this request – sure of the seriousness of the brother Al-Kubaisy – we proceeded to notify the families of the prisoners and the media present at the demonstration.

Thanks to the commitment of the comrades of the "Disobbedienti" a meeting of the "Forum against the War" was convened near the office of the CGIL.

The delegation of the Anti-imperialist Camp conveyed the message from Iraq and explained that the movement, despite its differences, must take responsibility. The names of leaders ready to go to Iraq to receive the prisoners had to be communicated in the same night.

After about one hour of meeting the Forum adopted a laconic position: they did not indicate already names but a general readiness asking for a another confirmation of the request.

Nevertheless later on senior and prestigious leaders of the movement against the war and the occupation contacted us declaring their readiness to participate at the independent delegation.

Taking into account the urgency of the request from Baghdad – in order not to loose precious time – we considered it decisive to send a strong signal of readiness to the Iraqi resistance. Therefore we communicated the names of whose who had given their agreement to take part in the delegation.

Many ask us way we are so determined to give our modest contribution to help to release and bring home the Italian prisoners. We do this for exactly the opposite reason of certain warmongering forces (not only Italian but also American ones) who hope that this chapter will conclude tragically in order to justify their aggression against Iraq. They search for an alibi to keep their occupation troops in Iraq and to aliment the anti-terrorist which hunt.

We are sure that the Iraqi guerrilla is aware that a possible release of the three prisoners into the hands of an independent delegation would constitute a lethal defeat for the Berlusconi government and therefore a victory for the resistance – and not only for the Iraqi one but also the Italian and the international one.

Imperialist troops out of Iraq!
Solidarity with the Iraqi resistance!
Self-determination and freedom for all oppressed people!