All out in Rome against Bush


Italian Resistance Demo June 4, 2004

Today Bush, the big war criminal, arrives in Rome. Thus our demonstration is a utmost symbolic value.

The "Ulivo", the centre left coalition aspiring to take over office from Berlusconi, is showing its fidelity to the emperor. Their open Americanism pushed them to de facto boycott the mobilisation against Bush. The Italians and the world should now understand what the centre left´s game of yes-no-yes-no with regard to the withdrawal of the Italian troops from Iraq is all about –to win the election and then to continue the be slave of Washington.

Even the left wing allies of the Ulivo, the Party of the Communist Refoundation (PRC) which is preparing to enter the government on the ticket of the centre left, fear the manifestation because of its anti-American character. They are afraid of the rage of the people.

The entire media apparatus is yelling against anti-Americanism. They claim that the protest is not only against the US government but also against the American people.

But Americanism is an imperialist and chauvinist ideology which considers the US the champion of democracy and the guarantor of liberty. With their self-proclaimed special civilizing mission they try to legitimise their so-called war on terror which is actually a war waged against all those who do not accept to subordinate to the US tyranny.

Today nobody can be anti-imperialist or anti-capitalist without being anti-American. It is the US and their military, political, economical, cultural and ideological power which is ruling, controlling and safeguarding the tyrannical imperialist world order.

Also in the US there are forces not only opposed to the aggression on Iraq but fighting against the American regime. The Equation "anti-Americanism = hate against the American people" is a blatant lie. The contrary is true. The democratic rights of the American people can only be restored by defeating the US empire. The accusation comes from the same devil´s workshop like the one equalising the legitimate anti-Zionist struggle with anti-Semitism.

There is a lot of confusion whether this demonstration should be a pacifist or peaceful one:

No, we are definitely no pacifists. The right of the oppressed people of the world to resist like in Palestine, Iraq or Colombia is inalienable! In order to establish a peaceful world we first have to defeat imperialism.

However, given the relationship of forces we will demonstrate peacefully despite the fact that Berlusconi is not only the murderer of the Iraqi people but is also the one responsible for the assassination of Carlo Giuliani who was killed by the police during the mass protests against globalisation two years ago in Genoa.

Our protest must be regarded as a part of the world-wide resistance against the American empire, as a further step of the global Intifada which is being spearheaded by the Iraqi people who fight for their liberation against foreign occupants as the Italian partisans did against the Nazi occupants.

It is this political signal which is and will disturb Bush and his servant Berlusconi.

Bring down with the Berlusconi government!
Italian and foreign troops out of Iraq!
Self-determination to the Iraqi people by the victory of the resistance!