Call for a congress of Arab communities


Berlin, October 2004

A call for the congress of Berlin
A call to the nation, to the country and to the Arab and Islamic communities

The Arab and Islamic World and the whole humanity are suffering under hatred, under catastrophes, under bloody massacres and under occupation and oppression since the installation of the first Zionist settlements of occupation over the ground of Palestine since the end of the 19-th century

Instead of reaching liberty and self determination and living in peace the struggle is still going on between the part of right and good constituting of the Arab people in occupied Palestine, in occupied Lebanon, in occupied Iraq and in occupied Syria, and the part of injustice, of occupation and of aggression against the peaceful towns and villages as well as against people, civilisation and heavenly religions. The colonial countries steadily assisted this aggression, first of all by the USA and the Zionist entity that is violating the ground and the whole rights of the people in a genocide war of total annihilation. The last chain in this barbaric aggression lies in the offensive against the resistance movement that is defending the bare existence of the people in their countries and abroad. The resistance movement is carrying with the international community the principle and the goal of life in freedom independence and self-determination

The whole world is carrying and facing a historic responsibility in the defence against occupation, oppression, aggression and injustice

We declare the constitution of our congress in the city of Berlin / Germany

No to colonialism, - no to slavery, - no to Zionism and racism, - no to imperialism no to American hegemony, - no to forest law, - no to the globalisation of death and aggression, - no to the destruction of moral and virtues, - no to the commerce of slaves and countries, -
no to the American Zionist terror

Yes to the world´s popular and general resistance for the sake of freedom, independence and just peace

For the realization of these goals we propose the constitution of a broad popular European coalition to face American and Zionist terror

Intensifying and strengthening the brotherly ties and relations between the descendants of the same nation in the countries of immigration

Finding the suitable ways to coordinate the efforts to unify our people in the countries of origin and immigration

Sending a clear message to whom it may concern that we are deeply related to our countries of origin and that we are well concerned with the daily suffering of our people and its pleas and its disrespected rights

All of you are called to contribute, assist and attend the works of the first constituting Arab Islamic European congress of the Arabic, Islamic and friendly communities in Europe: Parties, organisations, societies, syndicates, politicians, thinkers, people of culture and literature, all among the broad parts of society in the European continent and from the different parts of the Arab and Islamic World

We call for the days of support of the resistance and its people in Palestine, Iraq and elsewhere in the Arab countries and all over the world

For the support of the right of peoples to offend aggression, war and occupation

For the right of people in independence, freedom, sovereignty and peace


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