Free William Frediani!


Another comrade of the Anti-imperialist Camp arrested

Free William Frediani!

Militant of the Anti-imperialist Camp arrested in Pisa, Italy, in connection with the inquiry into the so-called "Cells of Revolutionary Offensive"

Free the comrades of the group "Il Silvestre"

William has been active within the ranks of the Anti-imperialist Camp for the last two years. He has always been generous and ready to engage for others, to practise solidarity with the oppressed, to let deeds follow words. For about one year, William has been working locally with the anarchist and ecologist group "Il Silvestre" which has been strongly hit by searches and arrests (Alessio, Alice, Gioacchino, Betta, Leo, Costantino, Beppe and Francesco), starting last June 7.

They were rounded up on the pretext of the so-called "Cells of Revolutionary Offensive" (COR) – which claimed responsibility for some modest arson attacks on premises of reactionary politicians of Pisa.

With very weak evidence the prosecutor claim that Il Silvestre and William are responsible for these attacks. This is simply untrue! But even if it were true, it would be only a infinitely small retaliation for the violence which this system exerts on the oppressed not only in Iraq or Palestine, but also in Italy.

These new arrests are extremely insidious as the Minister of the interior calls them part of the psychopathic campaign against so-called "anarcho-insurrectionalism", the new monster artificially constructed to justify a permanent police state, repression and repeated arrests. And it is not by accident that some press organs (which have led a ferocious campaign against the Anti-imperialist Camp for the past two years ) are inventing a new theorem, namely the one of the fantastic alliance between anti-imperialists, anarcho-insurrectionalists and Islamic fundamentalists.

This is actually the criminalizing discourse put forward by the state apparatus which by signalling high danger "for Italy" suggests that this intangible danger would emanate – beside the unfailing al-Qaida – from the anti-imperialists, anarcho-insurrectionalists and Islamic activists who support the Iraqi resistance.

When William was transferred from home arrest to prison the local Pisa press came out with headline that read: La Nazione: "A public danger – this is how William Frediani, who took the Koran to prison, is defined ", Il Giornale: "The COR militant in prison with the Koran – Frediani wanted the sacred book of Islam", Il Tirreno: "Three years of attacks with one single pattern – email tapping, how the trap closed on Frediani". Actually the truth is: William is doing a study on Dante´s Divine Comedy and therefore not only asked for the Koran but also for the Bible as well as scientific literature. This is only the latest example how the amalgam is mixed.

We call upon all who do not succumb to this police state government and its warmongering policies to raise their heads and to express their solidarity with the persecuted anti-imperialists. We have to defend all antagonist forces including the anarchists who are the target of repression.

To write to William Frediani in prison:
Casa circondariale Don Bosco
via S.G. Bosco 43
56100 Pisa

On August 11 a protest demonstration in front of the prison took place. A new public protest is in preparation for September.