Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi arrested by US occupation troops


Intl solidarity required

Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi, president of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance (IPA), was arrested on 3rd September in Baghdad, 3 am local time. The house he had temporarily stayed in was surrounded and stormed by about 50 US occupation soldiers employing helicopters and tanks.

The news has been transmitted to us by Awni al-Kalemji, spokesman of the IPA, and confirmed by our Iraqi friends and by the Arabic news of the TV channel Al Jazeera yesterday.

The Anti-imperialist Camp, which has been closely co-operating with the IPA already before the war, expresses its protest in the strongest terms possible against this grave case of piracy. We affirm our decided solidarity to Abduljabbar, his family and his comrades as well as to the IPA.

We call for the immediate release of our brother and – together with the IPA – we commit ourselves to promote an international campaign for Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi´s liberation in the frame of the solidarity movement with the resistance of the Iraqi people.

Free Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi!
All occupation troops out of Iraq!
Victory for the Iraqi popular resistance!

Anti-imperialist Camp
5th September 2004