The "Other America" does not exist


US empire confirmed by presidential elections

For years we have been told that Bush and his neo-con clique would be only an accident of history and the American empire their favourite pipe dream. The good old liberal America as painted by the Cold war propaganda would eventually prevail. So one should support Kerry and first of all refrain from anti-Americanism.

Apart form the fact that the US parliamentary system is a caricature of democracy, the election results nevertheless prove that the aggressive imperial line is backed by decisive parts of the US population. It is not only the military industrial complex, the big bourgeois but also the Christian fundamentalist mass movement and also important parts of the lower classes including the migrants who support the American war.

And also the Democrats form part of that regime and thus support the US empire. The first and only thing the defeated Kerry stated was that now the US requires unity as the country is in war. The American empire and its permanent and pre-emptive war is a necessity for US imperialism to maintain its global dominance against growing popular opposition and resistance.

That does not mean that we do neglect the anti-imperialist opposition within the US. On the contrary, we fully support their struggle against the war and the destruction of civic rights. But we have to recognise that for the next period they will not gather the forces to stop the American empire threatening the world.

The only language the US understands is the lesson of defeat as experienced after the victory of the Vietnamese liberation war. It is the only way to create a mass opposition to imperialism also in the United States themselves.

This is why we all have to rally behind the Iraqi resistance. Today Iraq is the main battle ground of the American empire. The resistance is not only legitimate because of the unalienable right to self-determination of the Iraqi people but also because they challenge the main enemy of humanity – US imperialism.

Billions of wretched of the world have understood this since a long time ago. For them good and bad is exactly the other way round as for Bush. But now it is time that eventually also within Europe people embrace anti-Americanism as the modern version of anti-fascism.

The anti-globalisation movement, which is shaken by a deep crisis over this very question as we have seen in its last meeting in London, can only survive if it gives up its falsely presumed neutrality between aggressor and aggressed. Either you join hands with peoples in resistance (including the armed one) or you will fade away.

Down with the American empire!
Victory to the popular resistance in Iraq, Palestine, Colombia……!