Polish Committee Free Iraq formed


Warsaw demo against occupation of Iraq

We had demonstration in Warsaw on 20.11.2004 agains Iraq occupation and parcitipation Polish Army in it. About 500 people. Main organisation Inicjatywa Sop Wojnie (Initiative Stop The War), New Left (Party). Our friends Ogà³lnopolski Komitet Antywojenny (Polish Antiwar Commitee), KPP (Comunist Party of Poland), PSPR (Polish Socialistic Work Party) participated too.

We created Free Iraq Committee on 30.11.2004. Participants: Patriotyczny Front Lewicy Socjalistycznej (PFLS - Patriotic and Socialist Left Front). PSPR (Polish Socialistic Worker Party), Ogà³lnopolski Komitet Antywojenny (Polish Antiwar Committee), Komunistyczna Partia Polski (KPP) (Communist Party of Poland) i Polskia Wspà³lnota Narodowa (PWN) (Polish National Community).

Bogdan Radomski