Sit-in for Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi in Oslo


Monday 22nd as the part of the international week of action a picket and subsequent meeting were held in Oslo. The picket took place outside the American embassy, with Saana Mustapha from the Committee of a Free Iraq called for the release of Abdul Jabbar al-Kubaisi and the political prisoners, and denounced the American genocide in Iraq.

Following suite in co-operation with the autonomous area "hausmania" a public meeting were held with Omar Dhahir, from the Danish Committee for a Free Iraq. Dhahir especially focused on the strong revolutionary tradition in Iraq, and used these historical examples to draw the line towards the national and leftist movements today fighting the resistance, as well as to explain the failure of the "official" Iraqi Communist Party.

In his speech he also called for a strong support of all the Iraqi resistance, whether it is secular, national or religious.

Norwegian Committee for a Free Iraq