Stop the massacre in Iraq!


Call for action on March 19th, anniversary of the aggression

In order to clear the ground for their election farce, the Anglo-American occupation forces have committed a new massacre of genocidal type. They punished the resisting city of Falluja, cutting it off from any supplies, razing it to the ground, using Phosphor and Napalm bombs thus killing tens of thousands civilians.

They perpetrated this crime against humanity as a clear signal to the resisting Iraqi people: We inflicted upon you a new Dresden, if you continue to resist the occupation you will be extinguish by a full scale Hiroshima!

The elections they are putting up are therefore a blackmail. Whoever does not accept the American-type democracy is threatened to go to torture camps or to be killed. For example Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi, who dedicated himself to the construction of a political front of the resistance, was kidnapped by the US army and since then simply disappeared. Free and democratic elections can only take place after the occupation forces left Iraq. Consequently the forthcoming faked elections must be boycotted.

We call upon all democratic and anti-fascist people to defend the right of the oppressed Iraqi people to self-determination and to resist the occupation. Let´s turn the second anniversary of the aggression on March 19 into an international day of protest for the withdrawal of the occupation troops. This is our common platform on which we have to unify.

As anti-imperialists we go one decisive step further: We take side with all the wretched of the world fighting the emerging American empire which believes to be exclusively chosen by God. Charged with the divine mission to launch a crusade the US waged its pre-emptive permanent war to crush any resistance and to spread its pure capitalist values. To counter this very threat for humanity we have to support the resistance of the Iraqi people in the same way as we support the anti-imperialist struggle of the Palestinian or Venezuelan people as a part of a global liberation movement. Only together we will be able to defeat the US empire opening the door to the struggle for freedom, equality and fraternity for all.

End the occupation of Iraq and Palestine!
No to the election farce – free all political and war prisoners!
Down with the US war and empire!
Support the Iraqi resistance!

Anti-imperialist Camp
December 5, 2004