Boycott the illegal Iraqi elections


Iraqi Patriotic Alliance

Iraqi Patriotic Alliance on the "election"

Almost two years have now passed since the brutal imperialist war against Iraq was waged and the subsequent occupation of the country began.

Both the administrations of Bush and Blair started this war by using the false pretexts that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and had terrorist links with Al-Qaida.

This aggression has resulted in hundred of thousands of martyrs and wounded civilians and the total destruction of the infrastructure. It has resulted in the demolishment of the old and new civilization of Iraq, where national museums were looted and destroyed; libraries were burned and scientific institutions destroyed.

The thirteen years of sanctions and the more than one and a half million dead Iraqis were not enough to satisfy their blood thirst.

Today, the whole world is witnessing the fall of the US pretexts of the aggression and occupation of the Iraq. All their lies about the so-called freedom, democracy and human rights are being exposed around the world with all the massacres and destruction they are causing in Iraq, where Fallujah is not the last example.

Now, the illegitimacy of the Anglo-American war is obvious to the international community and world opinion, which pushed the Secretary General of the United Nation to declare: "The war is illegal, and it is a clear breach of international law and against the UN Charter."

The failure of the political process of US-imperialism in Iraq and its attempt to create an Iraqi instrument, in order to sell the imperialist project to the Iraqi people, is due primarily to the revolutionary strategy of some of the Iraqi resistance, which targets the occupation force and its political institutions.

The Iraqi resistance has, by its revolutionary strategy, succeeded to establish two clear fronts: That of the Iraqi resistance, backed by its people and many sincere people of the world, and the front of imperialism and its Iraqi and international tools.

The military and security dilemma, which is facing the occupation in Iraq, is a result of the growing resistance that has pushed the occupying power to political maneuvering and escape by calling for the farce, which they call an "election" scheduled for January 30.

The Iraqi Patriotic Alliance emphasizes that it is impossible to hold democratic and free elections under imperialist occupation. At the same time, we condemn the American-Iranian-Kurdish connivance which materializes in the occupation, the attempts to divide Iraq, and in the preparation of civil war. We underline the following:

- The war and the subsequent occupation are illegitimate, and therefore every political process, including the election, is illegitimate too.

- The election is meant to legalize the occupation by bringing on an Iraqi parliament and government with one clear goal: to prolong the occupation.

- This election aims to legalize and institutionalize the religious and ethnic quota system in Iraq, which will promote ethnic and religious divisions of Iraq.

- The armed Iraqi resistance is the only legitimate representative of the Iraqi people.

For all these reasons, we call upon our Iraqi people with all its ethnic, religious and political diversities to boycott this illegal election.

And we call upon the peace and anti-war movements and all forces opposing the occupation to condemn this political farce.

Before the election, there is an illegal occupation and illegal government in Iraq; they will remain so after the election.

Long live the Iraqi resistance!
The occupiers will leave, and Iraq will remain!

January 18, 2005
Iraqi Patriotic Alliance