Turkish protests against the fake Iraqi elections



In Taksim Square, Istanbul, a group of Ozgur-Der (the Free Thought and Educational Rights Association) members have gathered to protest the elections in Iraq this weekend. Despite the heavy rain, a lot of people attended the demonstration in which Ozgur-Der has made a press release.

In the press release, it has been stated that the elections which will be held on Sunday is a trick to deceive the public opinion all around the world because the occupation of the USA has still been continuing in
Iraq. Iraqi people have been struggling against the USA to defend their rights. No election has validity before the occupation ends. It is known that the candidates have been chosen by the USA government. It is clear
that all the candidates collaborating with the USA will win the elections because Iraqi people do not know whom they have to vote on Sunday.

During the demonstration the participants chanted logans such as "End the Occupation", "No to USA Imperialism", "Long-live Global Intifadah", "No to Puppet Regime in Iraq", "USA, Get Out Of the Middle-East" etc.

The demonstrations have also held in Bursa and Diyarbakir by the branches of Ozgur-Der. The participants have protested the elections which aim to legitimate the occupation in Iraq by establishing a
parliament which will collaborate with the USA forces.