Anti-globalist protest in Moscow for Iraqi Resistance


The All-Russian Anti-globalist Forum was held in Moscow on January 29. The participants represented the anti-globalist groups from many regions of Russia (Moscow and Moscow district, S-Petersburg, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Chukotka and others), and from Kiev (Ukraine). Besides the parties and movements taking part in Anti-globalist resistance there were representatives of the Orthodox antiglobalist organisation and the leaders of the group Alternatives. The Anti-globalist Manifest was subscribed.

The participants took part in the meeting against reforms in Russia and in the meeting against the agressive politics of the USA, supporting the Iraqi people, that was held on January 30 near the the ministery of Foreign Affairs. About 30 representatives of delegations from Moscow, Moscow district, S-Petersburg, Ural and other regions held slogans in support of the Iraqi resistance, against agressive politics of the USA.