Yesterday in Italy, Today in Iraq the same crimes, the same resistance


Sant`Anna di Stazzema - Sunday March 13th, 2005 National demonstration

On August 12th 1944, four companies of SS commanded by the major Walter Reder and supported by Italian fascist authorities and collaborators, murdered 560 innocednt people in Sant`Anna di Stazzema. It was one of the many massacres committed by the German Nazis during their imperialist war.

Nazism and fascism were beaten, but their bloodthirsty methods and their imperial ambitions were not.

Already during WWII, the Anglo-American armies committed horrible crimes, through carpet bombings which exterminated millions of civilians, especially in Germany and in Italy, not to mention Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the Americans, committing the greatest war crime of all time, actually used atom bombs even though Japan was already on its knees. Hitler`s design of total world dominion is the same design as the USA has been following right up to now. Wherever they went, the stars and stripes armies have left an endless trail of blood behind them.

In March 2003, with the most powerful army in history, supported by such puppets as Berlusconi and by the inertia of the international community, they attacked Iraq, causing a genocide which has raised the liveliest protest among the peoples of every country. They occupied the country, but this led to a popular Resistance which is posing serious problems to the invaders. Falluja was the first Iraqi city to rise up against the US army, the first to be freed. As his first deed after his re-election, Bush took revenge. He ordered his troops to conquer Falluja at any cost. Falluja today is a ghost town, razed to the ground like Hiroshima. Those who were not killed by the devastating American fury were forced to escape.

On the second anniversary of the aggression against Iraq, we will demonstrate to celebrate Falluja and Sant`Anna di Stazzema as symbolic twin cities, in order to jointly commemorate the martyrs of nazism, of fascism and of US imperialism, to state that the ideals of freedom and independence of Italian partizans are the same as those of the Iraqi partizans, to denounce all imperialist war crimes, whatever mask or pretext they may use, to say no to US wars, to call for the immediate withdrawal of all occupation troops from Iraq, to support the Resistance of the Iraqi and Palestinian peoples until their victory.

The demonstration is promoted by:
Free Iraq Committees
Laboratorio Marxista - Zona apuo-versiliese
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