Towards Building a Resistant Arab People`s Alliance


This is not a statement for collecting signatures. The target of this call is to mobilize Arab and international organizations and militants on the basis of clear and principled militancy, and to form a Resistant Arab People`s Alliance which will be launched after a conference dedicated to this purpose about 6 months from now, and gathers all organizations and individuals who agree on the fundamentals mentioned in the call to discuss mechanisms of action and coordination.

This is a call for action on a clear and principled basis regarding Arab popular militancy locally and globally, especially after the infiltration of defeatist currents (through NGO frame works and foreign-funded organizations) that are falsely portraying themselves as "the people`s choice" and in reality, they are far from that. This created disorientation in the proprieties and strategies of the popular Arab action.

If you are in agreement with the principles of the call, please send your organization`s name and contact information to:

Towards Building a Resistant Arab People`s Alliance

By comprehending the nature of the struggle in the Arab Homeland, and for the confrontation of the Imperialist and Zionist attacks on our Arab countries, and due to the increase of defeatist attitudes, a number of organizations and activists took the initiative of stressing the necessary foundations for the formulation of a principled resistant vision, and they agreed on the following foundations as a basis for building a Resistant Arab People`s movement that is unified with the principled international anti-Imperialist, anti-Zionist movements.

First: Imperialism is the main enemy of the people, and it is not "one" but multiple. The biggest, most influential, more developed and most aggressive of Imperialisms is the US Imperialism. US interests may conflict with other Imperialisms, but that does not mean in any way that the other Imperialisms are allies to our struggle. This also does not mean that there are any uncertainties towards the priority of the struggle against the US Imperialism which will deepen the contradictions between it and the other Imperialisms. We stress here on the Imperialist content of what is called "globalization" on the light of what is mentioned above, and as represented by the "Bigger Middle East" project nowadays.

Second: The ruling classes and regimes in the Arab countries are subordinate classes of Imperialism and represents Imperialism`s interests, and they cannot be on the side that supports peoples` rights. The so called "reform" that these regimes promise to implement is a big lie. Therefore, the struggle against the regimes is an important part of the struggle against Imperialism.

Third: The struggle against Imperialism in the Arab East (Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria ...) is a continuation of the struggle against Colonialism and subordination, and represents now the main center of struggle against Imperialism globally. The defeat of Imperialism in the Arab East will be a main step towards the defeat of Imperialism on the Arab and the global levels.

Fourth: We stress on the illegitimacy of the Zionist racist entity, and the refusal of its transformation into a normal, continuous and accepted state in the Arab region, because the real normal relationship with this entity (past, present and future) is the relationship of resistance and the dismantlement of the colonized occupation. We also stress that the main contradiction in our region is between the Arab liberation project on one side, and Imperialism and Zionism and their projects on the other. The struggle between them can not end by any settlement: it is a struggle of existence. Any project that includes the integration of this entity in the Arab region is a project of hegemony and must be resisted. Therefore Anti-Normalization on all levels, locally and globally, must be upheld and maintained since normalization is an important means for supporting Zionist hegemony. Also, the right of return of the Arab Palestinian people to their original cities and villages is an unconditional, absolute right, it is both a personal and a collective right that can not be delegated or renounced, and no authority has the right to negotiate it or give it up in any form. We stress here that this right is a collective Arab right and is a part of the Arab liberation project.

Fifth: The complete refusal of the occupation of Iraq and all its secretions and products.

Sixth: We stand in the trench of the resistance by all means against occupation, and on the top of these means is Armed Resistance.

Seventh: The so-called "International Legitimacy", reflect and strengthen the US and Imperialist hegemony over the world. The legitimacy we acknowledge stems from people and their natural, historic and ethical rights, thus the people have the right to accept or reject "international resolutions".

Eighth: The unity of struggle in the Arab Homeland, which is based on humane non-chauvinist principles that respects the diversity in culture, ideology and belief, is the basis of achieving victory, and at the same time it is the basis of achieving Arab Unity as a humane project that will add to the Internationalist struggle which will ultimately lead to the decisive defeat of Imperialism.

Ninth: The struggle for Liberation and Democracy is a state of continuous confrontation with Imperialism and their subordinate regimes. Liberation and Democracy are only achieved on the basis of securing the economic and social interests of the popular classes and the sovereignty of people over their land and resources.

Tenth: The refusal of foreign funding, and the governmental and non-governmental organizations that are based on foreign funding, and their agendas, as they are tools to strengthen Imperialism and fragment basic Arab issues into bits and pieces that are isolated from the historic and militant context. They are also tools for weakening the Arab revolutionary project, and the "domestication" of intellectuals.

Eleventh: We stress the importance of theoretical analysis that is based on a dynamic and evolving knowledge to understand and comprehend the structure of Imperialism and its colonialist project in the Arab region and the world, and to understand the nature of the ruling dictatorship regimes. We also stress on the necessity of the formation of an Arab People`s strategy that will defend Arab causes and rights, and defend all the causes and rights of peoples` struggles around the world for liberation and progress, which is the correct prelude for effective peoples` action that will in turn, enrich the political attitudes and correct them.

Twelfth: Any individual or organization, on the Arab or global levels, who agrees on the basic points mentioned above, is part of the anti-Imperialist anti-Zionist front, and is an ally in the struggle. (Note: this call is open for development on the basis of the foundations mentioned).

Cairo, March 26, 2005

List of Participants (still open):

Organizations and similar Bodies:

1. Arab People`s Association for the Resistance of Imperialism and Zionism - Egypt
2. Egyptian Committee for the Confrontation of Colonialism and Zionism - Egypt
3. Arab Palestine Club - Austria
4. Anti-Imperialist Camp - Europe
5. Al-Fajer Center in Al-Mahalla Al-Kobra - Egypt
6. The Arab Austrian Cultural Center - Austria
7. The Conference Against the Zionist Cultural Invasion – Lebanon
8. Popular Committee to Defend Citizens´ Rights in Northern Sinai-Egypt
9. Organization of Palestinian Youth in Lebanon – Lebanon
10. Coordination Body of Palestinian Youth Clubs and Centers – Lebanon
11. Arab People`s Liberation Movement
12. Alexandria Boycott Committee – Egypt
13. Al-Ashri`a Literary e-list –
14. Al-Sindibad Political e-group –
15. Dar Al-Hamra Studies Ceter – Lebanon
16. Al-Quds Society – Lebanon
17. Abna` Beirut Society – Lebanon
18. United Peoples –
19. Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria – Syria
20. Arab Cause Solidarity Committee, Spain –
21. GSU (United Socialist Left), Morocco
22. Clajadep. Latin-American Network for Autonomy and People`s Power -
23. The National Committee for the Boycott of US Commodities and Interests – Syria.


1. Hisham Bustani, the Anti-Normalization Committee, Jordan
2. Yousef Dakhar, Justice Committee, Luxemburg
3. Ruba Bashir, Popular Committees for the Defense of the Right of Return, Jordan
4. Ali Hattar, Anti-Zionism and Racism Association, Jordan
5. Yehya Abu-Safi, Popular Committees for the Defense of the Right of Return, Jordan
6. Yaser Farraj, Committee for the Defense of Liberties-the Bar Association, Egypt
7. Hisham Ghassib, Socialist Thought Forum, Jordan
8. Adel Samara, Palestine
9. Mas´ad Arbeed, USA
10. Mohammad Moro, Islamic Intellectual, Egypt
11. Basem Khader, Arab Palestinian Activist, USA
12. Ashraf Amayreh, Liberties Committee at the Engineers Association, Jordan
13. Firas Mahadin, Socialist Thought Forum, Jordan
14. Mohammad Abu-Jbara, Jordan.
15. Samia Saleh, Arab Palestinian Activist, USA
16. Isam Hanafi, Cartoonist, Egypt
17. Yousef Al-Deik, Poet, Arab Palestinian living in UAE
18. Yahya Abu-Zakareyya, Writer and Journalist, Algeria
19. Salman Al-Zammuri, Photographer and Journalist, Holland
20. Qasem Azzawi, Syria
21. Abdel-Wahab Azzawi, Syria
22. Awatef Abdul-Rahman, Committee to Defend National Culture Against Zionist and Imperialist Invasion, Egypt
23. Nada Al-Qassas, Activist, Egypt
24. Wajeeh Matar, Arab People`s Liberation Movement
25. Adnan Al-Sabbah, Writer and Intellectual, Palestine
26. Badi Al-Rafay`ah, President of the Anti-Normalization Committee, Jordan
27. Al-Hadi Al-Mathlouthi, Member of National Committee to Resist Zionism, Tunisia.
28. Maher Makhlouf, Member of the Arab Nationalist Conference, Egypt
29. Mahmoud Al-Arian, Member of the Executive Board and President of Public and Foreign Relations Office, Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria, Syria
30. Samah Idriss, Writer, Lebanon
31. Ruba Atiyeh, Director, Jordan
32. Dalal Jazmati, Syria
33. Kinda Hattar, Activist, Jordan
34. Maya Jamous, Syria
35. Hasan Abu-Sha`eereh, Director, Jordan
36. Lubna Azzawi, Syria
37. Mahmood Abu-As`ad, Writer, Palestine
38. Bassam Halaweh, Syria
39. Sayyed Khalil Banat, Palestine
40. Qader Fayyad, Syria
41. Sally Sami, Journalist, Syria
42. Salwa Zakzak, Syria
43. Saleh Al-Suwayyan, Social Activist, Saudi Arabia
44. Ala` Saymo`a, Syria
45. Jamalat Abu-Yousef, Leftist Militant, France
46. Isam Adnan, Activist, Jordan
47. Sami Abul-Wahab, Syria
48. Othman Adam Naser Al-din, Secretary General of the Chadian Student Association in Al-Khurtum University, Chad.
49. Hassan Al-Kassar, University Professor, Tunis.
50. Asem Naser, Graphic Designer, Palestine.
51. Ayman Basheer Omar Basheer, Sudan.
52. Professor J. Coordinator of Clajadep (Latin-American Network for Autonomy and People`s Power).
53. Mahmoud Munir, Journalist, Jordan
54. Hamada Sharaf, Egypt.
55. Hani Al-Dahleh, President – Arab Organization for Human Rights in Jordan, Jordan.
56. Luqman Iskandar, Journalist and Correspondent of Al-Bayan Newspaper in Amman, Jordan.
57. Olayyan Olayyan, Journalist, Jordan.
58. Hussien Motawe` Al-Aidi, President – General Union of Jordanian Dental Laboratories Owners, Jordan.
59. Majed Al-Majali, Poet, Jordan.