Despite absolution, way back to Germany remains blocked


The case of Fadi Madi exemplifies Germany´s role on the side of the US

Having gone along completely with the wishes of the Zionist movement and U.S. imperialism, the German government refused to allow brother Fadi Madi back into Germany despite a decision by a German court absolving him of all charges brought against him by Zionists. His expulsion came on the heels of a German decision to prevent the First Arab Islamic Conference in Europe from taking place in Germany a few months ago due to Zionist pressure, especially from Simone Weisenthal Center and its allies. The Arab Islamic Conference was being organized primarily by Fadi Madi.

The Anti-US and Israeli Globalization and Hegemony Movement insists thereof that it will continue its struggle in support of the steadfastedness of our people in Iraq and Palestine and against the humuliating international resolutions that were drafted in Washington and Tel Aviv to be announced over the podiums of the Security Council of the United Nations.

We will continue to be a voice of truth awakening the consciousness of humanity and speaking out against destruction and genocide. And we will continue to call on the millions of free souls in this world who refuse the logic of enslavement and yearn for freedom to act for the sake of thousands of families and martyrs and against the sword of Zionist terror that has been targetting our people whereever they may be outside the Arab World. No doubt you are aware how critical this stage is in the current history of the nation, from Lebanon and Syria, to the open wounds in Palestine and Iraq, to the threats against Sudan, and to the specter of American hegemony hovering over all the rest of the Arab states without deterrance had it not been for the heroes and the knights of the Iraqi and the Palestinian resistance.

We have taken it upon ourselves to stand up for all the honor, pride, history, and civilization that our nation stands for.

We know for sure that you have never hesitated to give to your people. You have sacrificed and you have offered in the past. Hence, if you continue to give now what you can, your contribution will make a difference to the resistance on more than one level.

You are the cornerstone of the coming phase of the final, detrimental, and inevitable confrontation with the invaders, and with you Arab youth will start the renaissance of our nation.

Neither ancient nor modern history has ever witnessed a brutal barbaraic onslaught like the one we are experiencing today from the pretenders to false democracy and a `freedom` arising upon the slavery of others, our people and children, even our sun and air... all in a flurry of genocide and extinction.

Who will these prisoners and oppressed amongst our people resort to, and to who shall the mother of the martyr and the sister of the prisoner call upon?

This is an urgent call motivated by a feeling of responsibility that should befall every honest responsible free human amongst us. Ask your children wherever you are in this world that only knows the logic of force and the law of the jungle if they will live in humuliation and deprecation.

The stinging truth remains that of the resistance. It`s our dream that is realized every hour on the earth of our homeland. The resistance unites us. It is our identity and it leads us to the great great victory.

We don`t ask you for much and we won`t. All our energy and resources, even our blood, we have deposited in the custody of our nation and they all belong to it.

Your donation and contribution is strength to us and to our resistance. Your solidarity with us in this confrontation is a wall we can lean against. We only await from you what you are good for, and what God, history, and nation expect from you.

Your donation, even with the living of one day, will help fend off world Zionism that never stops slaughtering our people, even for one day.

May God in His Glory testify that we have delivered the message, for He only is the sponsor of success.

The Anti-US and Israeli Globalization and Hegemony Movement
Fadi Madi

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Al Mazra3a branch
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