US declares Indian Naxalites terrorist!


Press Release of CPI (Maoist)

Declaring CPI (Maoist) as …‘terrorist´ by the US imperialists is direct intervention in the internal affairs of India!
Oppose the attempts by the Congress-led government at the Centre and in AP to proscribe the CPI (Maoist)!

On 27th April, the world´s greatest terrorist and the No. 1 Enemy of the world people…—US imperialism…—under its gangster President George Bush Jr., has declared the newly-formed CPI (Maoist) Party in India and the ULFA as terrorist. This is not at all a surprise for anyone watching the strategy of the American imperialists particularly since the 1990s.

In order to achieve undisputed Global hegemony and to plunder the resources of the Third World countries without any hindrance, the US imperialists have to first stamp out every type of armed resistance to its domination and oppression. And such armed resistance by the Maoist forces, national liberation forces, and other anti-imperialist democratic movements all over the world has been growing rapidly, shaking US imperialism. The heroic fighters in Iraq are not giving even breathing space to the US-British occupation forces who had captured Iraq with the evil designs of robbing its oil-wealth and suppressing defiance by the Saddam regime. The entire region of West Asia is seething with anti-American hatred and anger. The entire world people hate the US imperialists who exploit, oppress, dominate and suppress them and indulge in bullying and interference in the internal affairs of their respective countries.

The Maoist forces spearheading the anti-American resistance in countries such as the Philippines, Nepal, India, Peru, Turkey etc., has specially come under attack from the US imperialists. The Communist Party of the Philippines was declared a terrorist organization and its founder-chairman, Jose Maria Sison, now residing in the Netherlands, a terrorist. The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) was declared a terrorist organization in 2003 and all American companies, installations and individuals in Nepal were provided extra protection. In Peru, the US intervention has a long history and huge funds were allotted during the Fujimori regime to suppress the Peru Communist Party.

In India, the US imperialists had declared the erstwhile Maoist Communist Centre of India and CPI(ML)[People´s War] as …‘terrorist´ organizations in 2003. And following the merger of these two Maoist Parties of India on 21 September 2004, it had to make a fresh declaration. Earlier they had also declared a number of other organisations in India as terrorist. And now together with the CPI(Maoist) they have also declared the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) as terrorist.

The term …‘terrorist´ used by butcher Bush actually means …‘anti-imperialist´ and especially …‘anti-American imperialist´. Hence it will be a great honour for anyone to be declared as …‘terrorist´ by the Bush administration. It shows the unrelenting anti-imperialism of the concerned organization or individual whatever be the political and religious affiliations. It is indeed a great honour for our new Party of the Indian proletariat…—the CPI(Maoist)…—to have been targeted by the world´s No. 1 terrorist as it shows we are on the correct track. Obviously, our activity is a threat to the interests of the imperialists, particularly American imperialists, as our aim is to throw out imperialism-lock, stock and barrel- not only from the soil of India but from throughout the world.

The proscription of a Party in India and declaring it as terrorist should be a matter of grave concern to all those who believe in national sovereignty, democracy and independence. Our Party, of course, has always been saying that there is no real independence, sovereignty and democracy in India and that the rulers of the country are spineless compradors shamelessly serving the imperialists and surrendering the country´s interests at the feet of their imperialist masters. And now it is once again proved by the silence of the ruling class parties when the US imperialists are interfering directly in the affairs of our country by declaring a revolutionary Party in India as …‘terrorist´. In fact, it is an indication of the impending ban on our Party at the All India level. It is also an open dictation to the Indian ruling classes that they should follow suit. When the masters have done it then why would their …‘chelas´ delay?

In Andhra Pradesh, the fascist YSR government has been hinting that it would re-impose the ban on the CPI(Maoist) soon. It is trying to desperately build some …‘reasons´ or …‘grounds´, however flimsy and absurd they might be, to seek justification for such a step as it is aware of the mass following the Maoists have in AP. With their masters in Washington taking the first step it is clear that the YSR government would follow suit soon.

The Indian ruling classes and the US imperialists are hand in glove in suppressing the revolutionaries and other democratic anti-imperialist forces in India. The measure taken by the US imperialists against our Party is the result of a well-planned conspiracy hatched by the reactionary gangsters in Washington and their dalals in Delhi. This is an ominous reminder of the shape of things to come under the UPA government led by the Congress, the most loyal agent of the imperialists ever since its birth, at the Centre. It is only a matter of time for the Indian ruling classes to proscribe our Party--the CPI(Maoist). Our Party has no interests other than those of the oppressed people of our country and the world and hence imposition of a ban on our Party means declaration of war on the oppressed masses of our country.

The Central Committee of the CPI(Maoist) calls upon all the democratic forces and anti-imperialist masses of our country to strongly condemn the declaration of our Party as …‘terrorist´ by the US imperialists led by the No. 1 terrorist, George W Bush, and to oppose its interference in the internal affairs of our country. We also call upon the people to expose and oppose the collusion of the traitorous UPA government at the Centre led by the Congress party with the US imperialists and their joint plans to suppress the revolutionary and democratic movements in India in rivers of blood.

Condemn and oppose the proscription of the CPI(Maoist) and declaring it as …‘terrorist´ by the US imperialists!
Oppose the intervention of US imperialism in the internal affairs of India!
Democratic and patriotic organizations, individuals and all other forces of India, Unite to resist the US imperialism and its comprador Congress-led UPA government!
Oppose all attempts by the UPA government at the Centre and the YSR government in AP to proscribe the CPI(Maoist) thereby declaring war on the oppressed masses of our country!

For Central Committee(P),