Three Afghan communists threatened by death sentence


Call for solidarity by Left Radicals of Afghanistan

3 LRA Cadres were arrested in Jalalabad

The massive anti US and Kabul regime insurrection in Jalalabad and rest of 15 provinces were repressed severely by local police and imperialist "peace keeping forces" in 10-15 May 2005. More than 20 were killed and more than100 were injured and around 100 were arrested during the uprising and punished violently. As result of several attempts and protests of detainees´ families, most of them were released after aggressive and brutal investigation.

The investigation and inspection of civilian homes have been continuing by local police, intelligent services and other nets of imperialists in the suspicious provinces of Afghanistan to hunt anti occupation elements.

On 20 May 2005 three members of Left Radical of Afghanistan were arrested by police near Jalalabad City and transferred to one of Jalalabad jails. They are accused with involving and organizing angry anti US demonstrations in Jalalabad. There is the full risk that the local police authority in order to makes happy their Masters will make efforts to blame them as motivators of "violence, using weapon against police and setting on fire the government offices". On the other hand being a member of socialist and secular underground organization is as well illegal and prohibited.

The Left Radical of Afghanistan bravely supports any anti imperialist resistance while stands for its own demands and independent line. We know some of so-called left organizations refused to support even with the words the recent anti imperialist insurrections which were accompanied by tens thousands of peasants, workers, Students, intellectuals and shopkeepers. The religious aspect and Islamist portion was too little to count on. It is unfair to label peoples self-uprising of the product of religious and let the Islamists to lead the movement towards their reactionary and anti democratic goals. This is the task of all progressive forces to take the initiative and guide self- uprising anti imperialist movements.

It is worth of mention that the local police always shoot demonstrators but, nobody even human rights organizations and international civil community did not ask Afghan government for the killing and missing of 30 demonstrators in recent protests. It is the custom of US backed "democratic" government to respond opposition and people riot by the language of gun as happened several times in Kabul, Herat and Jalalabad Universities.

The US supported "democratic" government authorities in Herat province expelled two students from Heart University who are accused being seculars or expressing counter religious words. Now they are kept in full custodian of police and waiting for sentence in a country where the Islam is Supreme law and any objection to is equivalent to infidel to be sentenced to death.

Now keeping in mind the above situation in Afghanistan under imperialists, the three comrades´ lives are in acute danger. The LRA resources and strength are too limited but, it has to take very urgent and carefully steps to make release or at least cancel their likely sentence to death. To prevent providing proof to police and observing security measurements, LRA cannot intervene from its own address or cannot ask international support for the particulars detainees´ personal addresses.

Therefore, we call on all progressive, socialists, democrat, humanitarian and anti imperialist parties and forces around the world to help us for campaigning releasing all detainees of recent anti US demonstration around the country. We call upon all our friends to send their solidarity letters to detainees families through and protest letters to Karzai office and Interior Ministry also a copy to us

Send your donation for detainees´ families to assist them in court process. Send your donation to LRA to facilitate the case of its three members and buy their lives.

-Demonstration is a basic democratic right of human beings!
-Punish all the police men who opened fire on demonstrators and killed more than 20 and injured more than 100!
-Observe human rights and humanity attitude with detainees!
-Free all detainees now!

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
24 May 2005. Jalalabad- Afghanistan