"Cats do not catch mice simply for the sake of God"


Letter from Afghan communists to the Italian people

In Afghanistan there have been working more than 2500 local and foreigner NGOs where most of them are blamed for not working on fundamental projects. For the people the meaning of NGO is a shop or source to make money. Before presidential election Mr. Ramazan Bashar Dost former Planning Minister resigned when his attempts to bring under control the foreigner NGOs that never respect or observe the law of Afghanistan failed. He accused and terminated around 2000 NGOs for corruption and theft of funds in the name of people of Afghanistan. But the Power of NGOs forced him and his only supporter Mr. Karzai to retreat their serious positions and stop their criticism and let NGOs work openly in Afghanistan.

NGOs in general are organizations that gave shoulder to imperialist or capitalist system to reform and prolong its parasitic life over the world. In other words, most of international big NGOs are establishments of imperialist countries and are funded fully through specific countries for their specific goals. Therefore, the most of high ranked staff of the NGOs directly are led by CIA and other imperialist agencies.

We believe that without standing for radical demands and distraction of capitalist machine, any activity will be in the service of capitalist system and will deceive people from real ways to achieve their rights and break their chains. But as the whole world is seized by capitalist system, people for their livelihood have to work in this or that establishment of capitalism from manufactures to mine, transportation, construction and NGOs. But meanwhile the case is different, as in manufacture there are owners, directors, managers and ordinary workers. Likewise in NGOs there are owners, directors, managers, labors, drivers, cleaners, cook, guard, waiters …… and the salaries according to the position starts from US$ 30 up to US$ 50,000!!! Hence, this fact clearly shows the unfair nature of big NGOs and class contradiction.

On 16 May Clementina an Italian lady who worked with CARE international was abducted by unknown gunmen in Kabul city. She is kept as hostage to force the government to accept their demands. Since her abduction most of the imperialist media and related institutions cry for help and launched huge military operations and campaigns to release her.

But, the people of Afghanistan expect Italian people to look once at the people of Afghanistan families´ members who are kept brutally in the prisons of US and its European allies in Guantanamo, Bagram, Kandahar, Jalalabad…….

In Bagram and Kandahar US jails tens of detainees are sexual abused, brutally tortured and treated as beasts daily where nobody even Afghan government and Human Rights Organizations are not allowed to visit them and still the Afghan government does not know that how many people are existed in US bases, and how is their lives situation and what are their cases. So far, tens of the Afghan detainees under extremely brutal torture lost their lives but the imperialist media just expose or report the death of two of them. The two died persons under US, have also family members, children and friends like Clementina!! Can the US or its European"humanitarian" allies justify their detention and finally brutally death? The Italian sentimental people must think about the suicide doers in Iraq? What is the cause for a person that forces him to kill himself? Did the Italian people forget the Abu-Gharib events? Did they forget US-Europe economic sanction on Sadam government which resulted death, malnutrition, illness and destruction of 2 million children, women and citizen of Iraq?

It is not enough to terminate or punish one- two solders for Abu-Gharib or Bagram cases. It is the only few cases which leak from the ocean of crimes. The imperialist countries for their interests victimize not only other nations but also sacrifice their own people from lower classes. The people of developed countries must not let their plundering governments to occupy oil regions for the interest of rich ruling families by the cost of blood of poor families´ sons. The aware people of developed countries must not let their governments to send their sons to the countries where the native people do not want them. The occupied countries people resist, defend and oppose occupiers that cost them killing of tens and hundreds of people daily.

We would like to remind those, who come under the impacts of imperialist media that, if today just one lady is a hostage of a few persons, but US and European governments kept hostage more than 55 million people only in Afghanistan and Iraq!!

So, when the imperialists and there related organizations enforce their domination and plunder other nations natural resource, and establish puppet regimes for them, surely nobody will accept it, opposition and resistance could be appeared in different methods such as demonstrations, press, violence, armed struggle, suicide, abduction……. The people say there is no difference between the blood of an Afghan or Iraqi and American or European!!

So, it is the task of all progressive forces around the world to organize their forces against our corporate enemy: the ruling parasitic classes, either in US and Europe or in Afghanistan and Iraq!

Laft Radicals of Afghanistan
May 29, 2005