Solidarity with Arnaldo Otegi, leader of Batasuna


Declaration of the Anti-imperialist Camp

Zapatero lies!

In an act of unacceptable aggression against the Basque people, against its fundamental democratic rights and against a negotiated political solution of the armed conflict in Euskal Herria the Social Democrat government of Luis Rodrà­guez Zapatero detained the speaker of the Basque political party Batasuna, namely Arnaldo Otegi. Only against a bail of Euro 400.000 he was set free.

Again the Spanish state has furnished a proof for the fact that it is a "democracy" transformed into a police state. Sinister anti-terrorist tribunals continue to highjack political dissidents without serious juridical evidence except the purely political accusation of "membership in the ETA". This formula has turned into a general slander against everybody who does not subordinate to the Franquist mentality of the Spanish elite and who defend the fundamental rights of the national minorities and especially the Basque nation.

Whoever thought that the governmental change from the PP to the PSOE would bring relieve from to the anti-democratic stance of the Spanish state and especially the juridical system has been frustrated. PP and PSOE are essentially the same and constitute the Spanish version of the US bi-polar political system. They are only two expressions of one and the same neo-liberal regime. Whoever thought that Zapatero would be a "European democrat" who breaks with the US scheme of "international terrorism" because of his withdrawal from Iraq has been taught a lesson. Zapatero had to give in to the pressure from the people in order to win the elections but without changing the imperialist paradigm which reigns the EU.

Zapatero is lying. His sermons about the resolution of the Basque conflict is only intending a pacification without changing the fundamental reasons of the conflict. As long as Zapatero is not ready to respect the free will of the Basque people, its right to self-determination and to decide in full sovereignty about the frame in which their wishes to develop as a society and nation there will be no lasting peace.

The anti-imperialists, the revolutionaries and all those who fight for democracy against the capitalist totalitarianism are on the side of the Basque people, its movement for national liberation, its revolutionary forces.

Down with the illegal trial against Arnaldo Otegi!
Free all Basque political prisoners!
Freedom for all people oppressed by the Spanish state!
For an anti-imperialist federation of free people´s of Europe!