Two Afghan communists escape prison


Dozens of anti-US protesters transferred to Bagram airbase

The detainees face more risk

Following the deterioration of security situation across the country, the puppet regime and its imperialist masters to impose their domination, exercise countrywide military brutal operations. The failed administration of Karzai thinks by the detention, arrest and imprisoning of anti occupier elements can overcome the situation. Therefore, besides other conspiracies and operations, seriously continue the so-called anti terrorism campaign to legalize its criminal attempts.

But the anti occupation forces too intensify their struggle and continue their rightful protests, objections and loud their voices. Fortunately as a result of individual and joint protests of detainees´ families especially in Jalalabad, also strong international solidarity and supporting campaigns for recent detainees, forced the authorities to release some of them. But in the same time the local police arrested more "suspicious" elements in the end of May 2005 in connection with last anti US demonstrations in Jalalabad city.

On 6 June comrade Nasir Loyand and Inam Ulhaq along with a jail guard succeeded to escape from Jalalabad jail after 17 days detention while another member of LRA along with tens of anti US protesters are still in the chains. The comrades now reached to a safe site where to rest and a doctor treats them because of jail brutal situation. The local police have been seriously prosecuting them and searching suspected areas. Most of the detainees including comrade Nasir Loyand and his colleagues alleged for organizing, involving and leading powerful mass demonstrations in 10-15 May 2005 in Jalalabad, in addition to the mentioned accusations, Nasir and his two fellows were identified as members of Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) as illegal underground revolutionary organization that oppose the puppet regime and all imperialist aggressors in Afghanistan.

On the one hand if the pressure from inside and international level to release the detainees had good achievements, on the other hand the authorities take the issue highly serious which resulted intolerable torture, investigation and pressure to detainees.

According to the local media on 9-11 June the authorities to avoid detainees escape and keep close eyes on them most of them were moved to Bagram dreadful jail where so far tens of detainees lost their lives under US army tortures and beastly treatment since last three years.

According to the government sources, there is a probability that of some of these detainees to be transferred to Guantanamo.

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) seriously condemns the puppet regime and occupiers´ brutal and barbaric military operations and call the immediate stop, and demand for urgent release of whole detainees in US military bases and all prisons under Afghan government.

It is the nature of all imposed governments when face resistance resort bare heavy repression and oppressive measurements against people that indicates their obvious failure against mass protests. We believe that no weapon and brutality can bow down the strong determination of people who fight for their liberation, independence, prosperity and their rights.

Protest and demonstration is basic rights of civilians, it is the people legal right to defend their freedom and under attack rights. We call on our all friends in Afghanistan and across the world to continue their pressure on Kabul regime and ask them to release the whole detainees. And ask Karzai administration and US authorities to let "Human Rights Organizations" to visit all detention centers in Afghanistan and provide detainees with the facility to exchange letters and maintain contact with their families.

Sent your protest letters to President Karzai Office: and Interior Ministry office: and a copy to Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

Thanks to those who have been supporting this campaign
to release anti US detainees!

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
15 June 2005