Who is frightened by the Iraqi Resistance?


House search at Anti-imperialist Camp´s militant

On June 30 the political department of the Italian police (DIGOS) searched the house of our comrade Emanuele Fanesi. The warrant issued by the public prosecutor of Perugia, written in a generic and bureaucratic way, stated only that the measure was part of an inquiry on the offence of "association with the aim of international terrorism and/or subversion of the democratic order" (…§270 bis). No further explanation was given neither any "terrorist organisation" disclosed to which he would be associated.

From the sequestrated materials we can, however, conclude that the move is once again designed to intimidate the Anti-imperialist Camp and all the forces which have understood the strategic importance of the Iraqi Resistance in the struggle against imperialism and which subsequently have supported it. Actually beside the computer and various political materials the entire documentation regarding the campaign "10 Euro for the Iraqi Resistance" was confiscated. The 10 Euro campaign had been launched right after the onset of the occupation of Iraq. With the attack of the guerrilla against the Italian troops in Nasseriya it became the target of the pro-imperialist and warmongering press as well as of an parliamentary inquiry.

They already tried to frighten us with the arrests of April 1, 2004. At that time the big majority of the confiscated materials were related to the Iraqi Resistance and not to Turkish revolutionary movement although the latter served for the indictment. But it was in vane. We have been continuing and even strengthening our struggle for the victory of the Iraqi Resistance and all the forces fighting imperialist oppression. The fruit of these efforts is the International Conference in Support of the Iraqi Resistance scheduled for 1-2 October in Rome.

Assisi, June 29, 2005
Anti-imperialist Camp, Italian section