Assassination of George Hawi, former General Secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party


Statement of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine reacts strongly at the crime of assassinating George Hawi, the former General Secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party.

The spokesman of the Political office of the PFLP said in a press statement:

The front present its enragement at yesterdays` crime disgustingly carried out in an ugly way in the centre of Beirut. The life of Comrade George Hawi, the former secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party has passed away.

The PFLP announces the martyrdom of George Hawi and offers to the Lebanese Communist Party and the Lebanese People and the family of the martyred its most deeply felt condolences. We see that this disgusting crime aims at basically target to hit the unity of the Lebanese people and its independence. It has planted civil strife as it also target the Arab character of Lebanon and the Lebanese Resistance.

The Imperialist and Zionist forces do not want independence or progress for the Lebanese People. They work to interfere into the internal affairs of Lebanon, with the goal of planting civil strife. In this they feed the mentality of confrontation and sectarianism with the goal of crumbling up Lebanon and hit the resistance.

The PFLP invites the people of Lebanon with all its strata and spectres to strengthen its consolidation and its National Unity, to resound the dangerous conspiracies that aims at this Arab country which freed her southern soil and forced the aggressors to departure its chase home soil.

The PFLP thus expresses its solidarity with in this critical moment with the Lebanese Communist party. Thus the Front stresses its standing with all parts of the Brotherly Lebanese People.