Access for Awni al Kalemji to the UK refused


American war also directed against political rights

Since many years Awni al Kalemji, the spokesman of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance (IPA), is a recognised political refugee in Denmark as he was a leading figure of the anti-imperialist opposition to Saddam Hussein.

For years he as been travelling to England to promote his cause meeting Arab and European forces as well as speaking to media outlets. Visa application used to be a formal act.

However, with the growth of the Iraqi Resistance to occupation things changed substantially as both the UK as well as Denmark are part of the US war coalition.

Right after the beginning of the occupation the Danish authorities tried to silence al Kalemji embarking on a process for "support of terrorism". The massive support campaign mainly in the Arab media after his arrest forced Denmark to withdraw, imposing in turn a one week house arrest on him. In the concomitant house searches hundreds of objects were seized. After four months the investigations against him were dropped without forgetting to convey to him an informal warning not to surpass a certain line. Obviously he al Kalemji declined to obey and affirmed that "my only loyalty is the one to the Resistance of my people".

As the same time the British authorities started investigations. They were asking from all the Arab news channels the recordings of the interviews and statements released by al Kalemji. This move seems to have been motivated by a call of the former puppet prime minister of Iraq, Allawi, to expel the "terror supporters" form their countries of refuge. This speech was broadcasted on October 1, 2004.

On January 26, 2005, the Danish police informally confirmed to him the co-operation with Britain on his case and the shared analysis of video tapes. They renewed he warning without further elaboration.

On April 26, 2005, he was called into the British embassy in Copenhagen were a document was handed out to him reading: "……after most careful consideration, the Home Secretary personally directed that you should be excluded from the United Kingdom on the grounds that your presence would not be conductive to the public good for reasons of national security."

The denial of al Kalemji´s right to move and to freely express his opinion is part of the war waged by the US and its allies such as the UK to secure and further build the American Empire. This Empire is not only trying to subdue any opposition on its periphery but also to silence critical voices in its centre. Rights acquired in a struggle lasting centuries are being removed. Europe is following the example of the US with the paradigmatic Patriot Act.

On the letter paper of the British Home Office there you find the pre-printed motto "Building a safe, just and tolerant society". The American Empire´s cynicism is unmatched as democracy is being suppressed for the alleged sake of it. One is inevitable reminded to the motto mounted on the entrance of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp "Arbeit macht frei" (work liberates).

Abolish the "black list" of alleged terrorist organisations!

Restore the elemetary political rights to free expression!

Resistance against the Empire is legitimate!

Anti-imperialist Camp