Witch hunt for "terrorists" in Denmark: Who`s next?


Lars Akerhaug, Norwegian Free Iraq Comittee

Today the association "Oprør" (Rebellion) in Denmark declared that they after collecting money for Colombian FARC and Palestinian PFLP has been charged in the last step in the witch hunt by the Danish War Criminals in Government.

"Patrick Mac Manus is today been arrested and charged after the penalty code paragraph 114, the so called terrorism paragraph. The charge comes because of the international appeal from "Oprør" (Rebellion)`s international appeal to organisations and individuals around the world to support liberation movements through the world".

The charge comes on a background already draped with accusations against those who support people`s liberation struggles. Although far more serious, this is not the first accusations against the association. The goal for "Oprør" has all the time been to provoke and break the limits set by the "terrorist" laws, openly challenging the EU terrorist list naming PFLP and FARC as terrorist groups. Before charges against the organisation were dropped even though they openly defied these laws publicizing pictures with hand-out of money to Farc, pictured among the receivers Colombia`s "most wanted" Ivan Marquez from the Guerrilla.

This happens on the background on a general abuse of the political situation in Denmark after the attacks in London by the Danish War Government. The first sign was the steps to outlaw Hizb-ut-tahrir, a radical and untraditional branch of Islamists outlawed in most of the Middle East, Africa and Asia although the group never took to arms against their oppressors.

Before the political climate created by the war has aimed at those supporting the Iraqi Resistance. After the war on Iraq Awn-al-Kalemji from the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, on the background of his brave statements before and after the occupation, to support the Iraqi people`s right to resistance, was investigated, being suspected to have "recruited" resisters to the US aggression. Later he has been denied entry to the UK, no doubt of the same reasons.

The witch hunt previously also aimed the Free Iraq Committee in Denmark, with profiled personalities calling for Police investigation. The situation in Denmark shows the necessity to stress the following from Oprør`s statement:

"Just now the right to struggle for freedom is important to defend, also armed struggle if necessary. The EU terror lists and the so-called "war on terror" aims to paint all kinds of resistance as one and the same, and blackmail lots of oppositional groups as terrorists. But freedom struggle is not the same as terrorism."

The association Oprør at the same time encourages to openly defy the restrictions on freedom of speech and other basic democratic rights that goes on under the cover of the "war on terror".

The true guilty are not Oprør but the Danish War government, participating in Iraq and making Danish soldiers, boys and girls, legitimate targets for the Iraqi Resistance. Those who in these days truly fights for peace and democracy are those who oppose brutal occupation, attacks on democracy and freedom of speech, in all the world. Even if political differences remain between the left and solidarity organisations in Europe on which organisations to support, or how to properly struggle against the American world hegemony, we must have to remember the question "who`s next"?


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