Solidarity messages to the Anti-imperialist Camp


Confrontig the attack of 44 US congress members

I seize this occasion to express my solidarity and protest regarding the attempts to exert repression against the Anti-imperialist Camp, and to forbid in Italy the coming conference in solidarity with the legitimate resistance of the Iraqi people.

yours in solidarity,
Silas Cerqueira, Researcher and Lecturer (African Studies), activist in the Peace and solidarity movement, Portugal


Receive all the support of the Spanish Campaign against Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq. Please, inform us of any initiatives.

Carlos Varea
Coordinator, SCOSI


We are in solidarity with the Anti-imperialist Camp.

Bush out of Iraq!
Yankees go home!

Alexander Moumbaris


This desperate imperialist action is the best proof that you are on the right path. We hereby want to express our warmest sympathy and solidarity and look forward to the conference in October.

Secr, The United Peoples


As a member of Stop The War Coalition in the UK, I wish to express my solidarity with your organisation in their efforts to champion the cause of the Iraqi people fighting against the occupation by imperialist armies. The US Congressmen should devote their energies to getting George Bush, US Senate and US Congress taking the necessary steps for the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq instead of applying pressure on Berlusconi to take action against your organisation.

Yours in solidarity
Norman Traub


The Arab Cause Solidarity Committee express its stronger support to Campo Antiimperialista, subjected to a new political and dialectical attack from the USA Congress. This new attempt of aggression is against the very idea of democracy, international law and the legitimate right to self-defence of the world`s peoples. All our support to the Iraqi and Palestinian Resistance. Resistance is not terrorism.

CSCA (english ACSC)