"We shall bring forward the voices of the Iraqi Resistance"


Solidarity by Scandinavian Free Iraq Committees

Solidarity message from Scandinavian Free Iraq Committees and supporters, to the Anti-Imperialist Camp and the International Conference "Leave Iraq in peace - support the legitimate popular resistance"

In a petition, 44 US congress members have demanded that Italy intervene against a conference, scheduled for October 1-2 in Chianciano, which will give international support to the Iraqi Resistance. This intrusion names especially the Anti-Imperialist Camp, which is one of the international organizations that have been working for this international event to take place. This attack is undoubtedly taking place because the conference aims to bring forward the voices of the Iraqi Resistance and its supporters in Europe. Further, this conference will also be a possibility for a dialogue with the Iraqi Resistance, thus posing a direct threat to those who are seeking to continue the war and onslaught on the Iraqi people.

Without doubt, the Anti-Imperialist Camp is being singled out because of its long and early stance in support of the Iraqi Resistance. This organization was, with its early mobilization for support to the Iraqi Resistance, its fund collections "10 Euro to the Iraqi Resistance" already in 2004 attacked with arrests of two of their leaders. This spring again we witnessed a house search of one of its activists. These covert and open threats only reflect the increasing brutal ways of oppression and witch-hunt that those who struggle against the "New American Century" are being faced with. These anti-democratic measures in the aftermath of the "War on terror" and the failure of the aggression on Iraq have to be fought not only by those supporting the Iraqi Resistance but by all wishing to preserve democratic values.

At the conference, representatives from all strata of the Iraqi Resistance will meet with world famous intellectuals like Samir Amin and Swedish Jan Myrdal, famous politicians like former Algerian President and Prime Minister Ahmed Ben Bella and members of the anti-war movement. The direct threats by the US congress members also reflect the reflect the power of this unification.

There is a long tradition of anti-war movements in Europe, in solidarity with peoples facing the brutalities of aggressive war and occupation and in support for their legitimate resistance. In Scandinavia, we will not let ourselves be scared by these attempts to weaken us. Rather, we shall continue to bring forward and strengthen the voices of the Iraqi Resistance. We call for all democratic and peace supporters to condemn the attempts to banish the Anti-Imperialist Camp and the conference in support of the Iraqi Resistance who is fighting a legitimate war of liberation.

The Iraq Committee in Malmö, Sweden
Free Iraq Committee Denmark
Free Iraq Committee Norway