Where Oppression is there is Resistance


Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) August 2005

Since last half century the people of Afghanistan constantly had the governments from bad to worse, as none of the governments did try to work for freedom, democracy and improve the economic situation and life standard of the people. Therefore they always faced resistance and collapsed consequently.

As a result of Mujahedin Islamic government that burnt civil war in the country and the Islamic parties failed to build a united central single government in Afghanistan during April 1992- October 1996 by the support of US to ensure its own objectives in Afghanistan and in the region. The US imperialism while were supporting Islamic parties against Soviet Union expected to reach its goals through Islamic parties but the Mujahedin failed to carry out that tasks. Thus, the US imperialism by the help of Pakistan Projected Taliban movement in 1994 to remove all other Islamic parties and establish a centralized single government to dominate whole territory of Afghanistan to facilitate the US imperialism plundering plans in central Asia and in the region. The Taliban as well as Mujahedin had their own special interpretation from Islam which was very strict and dogma. The Taliban religious and anti women policies confronted with the objections of our people and international community. Finally the Taliban government was not in the position to fulfil the US imperialism plans in the region, so it was necessary for US to have its direct existence in Afghanistan and in the region.

It is the nature of capitalist system which creates crisis within competition for making money. During production competition it produces the surplus products that results crisis. It needs to find new markets. And also need new sources of raw materials and cheap labour force to get better profit. In addition, the capitalist system also produces extra capital which needs to be invested to paves the way for more profit and capital. Capitalism is a system where money is everything. Where the ocean of blood of millions people is shedding for oil for the interests of a handful rich classes.

The US imperialism during cold war to safeguard its capitalist system and interests and combat Soviet Unions world strategy to conquer the world needs also a worldwide strategy. By vast media and propaganda it made the "danger of communism" and call on all other capitalists and under developed countries to join US. So the US under the pretext of preventing the influence of danger inside West Europe, succeeded to create its military bases in Europe and other countries and sold its stocked weapons and military equipments to them that resulted US a big politically, militarily and financially profits. But after the collapse of Soviet Unions the "Monster of Communism" no danger existed to frighten other capitalist countries to justify the existence of its military bases inside those countries and also sell its weapons to make profit. So it needs another "Danger" to be created to terrify world to obey US domination and leadership.

Terrorism an new dangerous Monster:

The US imperialism created Islamic fundamentalism as force to use them against Soviet Unions advance and in the same time it was supported against other freedom loving and progressive movements and parties especially in Islamic countries to avoid revolutions since 70s.Osma Bin Laden a number one hero of Jihad against Russian in Afghanistan. Osama whose family before 11 September had shared oil companies and other investments with Bush family. Now changed to a number one dangerous man of the world! A number one terrorist of the world! A number one person to be arrested and killed!! A terrorist who has no government, no party and no country, but he can attack everywhere even in New York and London. The US imperialism first gave him full support to use him against others, now by vast media power wants to make him a monster to terrorize all the world powers to walk with US, let US to creates bases in their countries and open their markets and mines, and economic resources to save them from this new "monster of humanity" . So the US convinced UN and most of people even some so- called Left parties to assist US and recognize the anti terrorist campaign and establishment democracy as a legal and legitimized one. Therefore, nobody object what is going in Afghanistan!!

So it was a golden chance, besides the accessing to other economic and military strategic interests, they passed a law which can accuse any one who refuse US domination and who fights for its liberation and rights. They simply made black lists and anyone from Islamist to nationalist to revolutionary and communist they liked added their names in that list as terrorists to be prosecuted and removed. There are a lot of parties in Latin America, Europe, Philippine, Turkey…… who are originally Marxist and fighting for socialism but their names are in Black list, but also there are some forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and some other countries that their names are not included in Black list but they are under constant prosecution, threat, repression and attacks of their respected regimes backed by US and allies.

In 1999 the US congress approved the Silky Way Strategic Law, which recommends US government access to enormous gas and oil sources in Central Asia and Caspian Sea and not to rely too much on Persian Gulf region. The rich oil and gas Central Asia, posses hundreds of millions population and cheap labour force and big markets drew the attention of US to this region economically but, meanwhile the political – military aspect to create military bases and influence to change its regimes and occupying Afghanistan were other advantages of this strategy which makes enable US to dominate on the region directly and closely.

Russia, China, Iran, India and Pakistan are the atomic powers and most of them are the rivals to challenge US hegemony. So by the help of its military bases and troops in Pakistan, gulf countries, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and its several bases in Afghanistan such as Bagram, Shindand, Kandahar, Mazar and Asadabad will be able to implement its eco-political strategy easily and weaken the rivals power and influence in the region.

Therefore, the US to achieve its goals needs to occupy Afghanistan and organize its plans from there. For the occupation of Afghanistan US needed an excuse, a reason to justify. Based on reality as mentioned above the US imperialism before 11 September had a plan to invade and occupy Afghanistan but it was waiting for preparation of objective and subjective conditions especially inside Afghanistan, but the brutal regime of Taliban-Alqaeda and the 11 September were good excuses that expedited this project.

So the 11 Sept authorized the US government to under the name of "campaign against terrorism and establishment of democracy " occupy Afghanistan and implements its strategy.

At the beginning of this process most of people were optimistic, that the US will bring them secure, prosperity, but soon the people of Afghanistan realized that the US imperialism and its European allies not only did not grant them stability, economic prosperity and development, but also the situation became more deteriorated than the time of Taliban: the insecurity, fighting across the country, killing and crimes have been increasing day by day and the people losing the things that they had before.

So considering the above facts it is not something surprise to be witness of growing opposition, resistance, armed struggle, demonstrations and protests all over the country and demand for occupiers withdrawal.

Military- political situation:

Since earlier 2005 the waves of attacks and resistance against US and local puppet government have been increasing. As the armed opposition forces control practically east, south- east and south- west of Afghanistan. Beside the existence of more than 20 thousands US, 14 thousands of NATO and coalition forces equipped by modern military tools and mass destruction weapons, there is no achievement and development for occupiers. Bombarding of hundreds of civilians in different province of Afghanistan by US or NATO helicopters, humiliation of the dignity of the people, detention of political opposition and torturing them until be died, searching violently villagers homes day and night, body checking of Afghan female by US male soldiers and abuse the culture and holy values of people, repressing human rights specially in US detention centres, growing poverty and unemployment est. are the facts and realities that is why people are joining anti occupation front and resistant movement. Keeping in mind the mentioned behaviour of US against the people and specially brutal torturing and humiliation of prisoners in Guantanamo and Bagram, it should be not surprise that why some of them joining Taliban and opposition groups although they were not anti US before.

In May 2005 there were a huge populated enraged anti US protests in most of the provinces of Afghanistan where the people demanded immediate end to occupation and withdrawal of all US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. But the model democracy of US backed Karzai regime and its supporters did not pay attention to the democratic and human rights of civilians, swiftly rushed to the points and opened fire on protesters and suppressed it bloodily with the cooperation of ISAF (International Security Assistance Forces) and US forces. Tens of protesters were killed, hundreds were wounded and hundreds other were arrested. Hundred of detainees then transferred to dreadful US jail in Bagram.

But on the other hand the moral of US and allies forces is too down, the whole year 24 hours emergency alert, constant attacks and threat caused them tiredness and they are losing their courage as result of guerrillas armed attacks, rocket fires, bomb explosions and suicide attacks even in the Kabul city, in their military bases.

Fighting with armed opposition in the mountainous areas that have a long border with Pakistan make disappointed the occupiers to follow them and crush their forces. That is why the US backed regime appeals the Taliban to join the government and put down their weapons.

Since last three years there are hard efforts by occupiers to create a national army and police for Afghanistan and collect all weapons. But in spite of spending billions of dollars in this way, still there are not remarkable achievements. Although at the beginning people delivering their weapons voluntarily to the government, but now they do not trust on "Peace Keeping foreigner forces" and puppet regime and they refuse to be disarmed. The people, commanders, warlords prefer to keep and hide their weapons if necessary will be used.

In the beginning of Karzai government most of people and youths voluntarily took admission in National Army and police, but now they deny serving in army and police. The salary of army men and police men is very low but the risk to their lives is very high. In early June 2005 more than 10% of the total National Army of Afghanistan escaped and left their duties in Kandahar where are serious fighting between the government and opposition.

The central government of Karzai has not control on provincial governments where the most power is in the hands of warlords and military commanders who directly enjoy the support of US or one of European countries.

Most of military commanders belong to Northern Islamic Alliance that were supported by Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Turkey and India against Taliban, now most of the Northern Islamic Alliance compromised with Americans and have a share in Karzai administration. The warlords such as Dostem, Attah, Esmail, Haji Din Mohmad, Hazrat Ali, Daud, Shirzai, Qarar and the leaders of Islamic Alliance such as Rabani, Sayaf, Khalili, Zia Masud, Fahim, Qanooni, Muhaqiq, Abdullah all of them are accused to killing 65 thousand civilians only in Kabul and destruction of Kabul city, violation human rights, child abduction and rape of women and plundering of people property, as well they and other government high ranked authorities are involved in processing and trafficking of drugs and narcotic from Afghanistan to the rest of the world.

Although officially the government of Karzai and US and Britain insist on annihilation of the poppy cultivation and its business is prohibited. But as we know the laws are always for lower classes people not for uling classes. In fact the warlords, government ministers and some occupier countries are involved in Narcotic business to make money and feed their war machine. It is easy even for children to know, if Afghanistan produces 70% of the opium of whole world so the thousands tons of opium, how being trafficking to Europe? Is it logical to accuse a poor peasant of Afghan with a donkey to smuggle thousands tons of opium to Europe?? So it is clear those countries and authorities who make noises that they are against opium on the contrary they are involved in. if the objective is getting money then it is business to make profit, they should make it illegal to remain this business limited for them. On the other hand if its use is dangerous for people, no problem for US because the opium from Afghanistan is being trafficking to Europe not to US.


It is the nature of imperialism to exploit and plunder other nations for more profit and need to occupy new markets and raw materials sources. Therefore, the imperialists use any methods such as World Bank, IMF and WTO policies and loans for poor countries in the name of their development but to bring them under control, if necessary send their troops and occupy them. Afghanistan and Iraq are the two fresh examples.

Bush says to world: He is creating American Style democracy in Afghanistan which would be a model for other countries. But the US imperialism and its dogs in Europe and else where can deceive their people for sometime not for long period. All the world is witness that the US and Britain said there are mass destruction weapons in Iraq to frustrate them, but when the US-Britain without attention to UN decision invaded Iraq, they found oil not atomic weapons!!! From the first day of occupation they are extracting and plundering the oil of Iraq very vastly as a stream. The imperialists to keep their domination, fan fire to nationalistic and religious contradictions within Iraqi people to weaken their resistance movement. Yes this is the model democracy in a country where daily tens-hundreds people lose their lives in fighting, explosion and nobody feel themselves safe, where their fate is decided by Americans and where the people of Iraq are treated brutally and their dignity and basic human rights severely suppressed. Yes this is Bush and Blair Democracy!!

Now the Afghan people realize the meaning of US model democracy of Bush. What the US gave to Afghanistan are: Daily war and killing, destructions, human rights violation, poverty, high prices, unemployment, homelessness, corruption, instability, beggary, prostitution, crimes, child and women abduction, drug and narcotic trafficking, imprisoning and …….

So we believe that imperialism does not believe on democracy, democracy is a tool to decorate its brutal face and hide its plundering nature. Imperialism just is seeking its interests among the bloods of poor people even its own nations.

As we know the US-Britain are the countries where only rich people afford to pay for the educational cost of their children, that result a majority of people being deprived from middle and higher educations which result them to excluded from good jobs. So there is a green light from Army to join and being paid good salary. It means most of the troops of US, Britain and other occupiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries mostly are from lower classes of the respected societies. It means the troops lives values are counted as war tools, if they were killed in the war, it is not important because they are not their own sons. On the other hand in oppressed or occupied countries mostly there are only the poor people who are suffering from the result of occupation tyranny under the war machine. The ruling and rich classes always make compromise with occupiers where the occupiers as well grant them some concessions.

In a word, crisis, wars, conflicts, crimes and "terrorism" in the new world order are generated by inhuman, unfair capitalist system. And as long as this system of oppression dominates on the world there will be resistance: Resistance and struggle from the "Monster of communism" and Resistance from the "Monster of terrorism", there will be resistance, campaigns, protests, demonstrations, armed struggles, explosion and even suicide attacks. There is no way to escape and build surrounding walls to live in for whole time as prisoners. So it is time to think about the world we live in.

So until there are imperialist forces in our country, Afghanistan is not an independent and free country. But the history of Afghan people proves that they never bow down to invaders and no aggressive country succeeded in that territory. The last increasing resistance of people across the country is the proof of my claims. Bu it is worth of mention for Left wing and revolutionary forces of Afghanistan and international to emphasise on independent line and leadership within the resistance movement against occupiers. As the past experiences taught us, any movement that is not led by a revolutionary party, would be led to failure and defeat.

Taliban-Alqaeda or Northern Islamic Alliance are not alternatives of the people. Because most of them during power committed so heinous crimes as irreparable and will be not forgotten. They are as criminal, reactionary and oppressive as the imperialists.

So it is the responsibility of anti imperialist, communist, socialist and humanitarian organizations, forces and unions to give shoulder to growing revolutionary Left movement in Afghanistan: to assist them stand on their own feet, grow and develop and make enable to propounded as third alternative in the political sphere of Afghanistan, to put an end point to running decades long tragedy in Afghanistan.

By Basir