For a democratic and independent Iraq


Joint statement of IPA, Baath

Supporting the Iraqi Resistance, the establishment of a united national front, ending the occupation and Iraq as an Independent sovereign State are the task of all patriots.

Joint Declaration by the Arab Socialist Baath Party, the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance and The Iraqi Intellectuals Association Against The Occupation.

Two years of heroic resistance by all Iraqi Resistance fractions with the apparent political, military, ethical and moreover security failure of the occupier´s colonial project, the Iraqi patriots today stand closer than ever to practically outline the bases of a wider National Front to fight against the occupation and its colonial ambitions in Iraq and the whole region.

With their declaration, the Iraqi patriots emphasize the vital need for an open dialogue among all groups of Iraq as it proves to be the only key road for bridging the various political views.

Pressing for the demand of a serious fundamental dialogue by all Iraqis is becoming more urgent than ever, as it is especially important that the Iraqi Resistance achieves its fundamental goals of worldwide reputation and the getting the respect of all loving freedom democratic nations.

On the road to end the occupation, all patriots must realize that the road of resistance is becoming the key education method from within to measure a person´s loyalty and love for his homeland.

In front of this historical moment, all Iraqis must realize that the independence of Iraq and the rebuilding a united Iraq for all Iraqis is a great responsibility of all patriots.

To ensure the non-voting against the colonial constitution, which is blessed and supported by all sectarian, opportunist and collaborationist groups, is of great moment of defeat against the occupier.

All signatures of this declaration strongly assure that a democratic and independent Iraq is the ultimate goal of all who signed this, and therefore the Arab Socialist Baath Party, the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance and the Iraqi Intellectual Association demonstrate their assertion for a call for all Iraqis who resist this occupation for a united front and a united word. It is the only road to achieve the ultimate goal of a liberated democratic and independent Iraq.

As the Iraqis are seeking to see the moment of a liberated and independent Iraq, they are also seeking to see the moment when all patriotic Iraqis who fight the occupation are together and participating in a wider patriotic united front as it is the backbone of the Iraqi resistance.

Towards this goal, our salute goes to:

The Iraqi Resistance movement
Our Arab Nation with freedom and victory
Iraqi people and their struggle for freedom and democracy
All who support our people against the occupation
Glory and eternity for all martyrs of our people

Arab Socialist Baath Party, the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance and the Iraqi Intellectuals Association Against the Occupation
16/ 09/2005