Support the Iraqi resistance against the US occupation!


Resolution of the Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 2003

Support the Iraqi resistance against the US occupation!

After more than one decade of genocide against the Iraqi people imposed by the United Nations, the Anglo-American warmongers invaded Iraq violating not only the elementary democratic right of national self-determination but also international law. Against the will of the vast majority of the world population, its nations and even the historic US allies they unleashed their criminal aggression.

Everybody knew that their justifications were built on scarcely veiled fabrications. While the US and Israel dispose of vast arsenals of weapons of mass destruction – and also proved to be ready to use them like in Hiroshima and Nagasaki –, Iraq was nearly disarmed.

Actually the US did not bother to cover up their real intention – the construction of the Imperium Americanum. On the contrary by displaying to the world, including their allies, their overwhelming military power Washington wanted to back its claim for exclusive world leadership.

The US proclaimed to liberate Iraq from a "cruel dictator" and they really thought to be welcomed as liberators by the Iraqi population. But as a matter of fact they erected their colonial military dictatorship while precipitating the Iraqi people into abject misery even worse than that under the conditions of the worst embargo ever suffered by a nation: no water, no electricity, no schools, no work, no public order. This is US-style democracy.

On May 1, 2003, the imperator George W Bush announced the end of the war. But the real war had just begun, namely the popular resistance against the occupants, the strive for the liberation of Iraq. From the first day of the occupation the Iraqi people have been taking to the streets to protest US rule and the guerrilla movement has steadily been gaining momentum, killing already more US mercenaries than had died during the invasion.

The Iraqi resistance movement has not only declared the US military machine as a legitimate target but also its collaborators. Any attempt to stabilize the "Governing Council" as the embryo of an evolving US puppet regime must be fought by all means.

The UN resolutions 1483 and 1500 have justified the US occupation and stipulating the right of the occupants to construct a subservient regime over Iraq. This does not only prove the end of the European diplomatic opposition to the US strive to erect an American empire but the European collaboration – how reluctant it ever might be. The Iraqi resistance is the only force able to foil those plans and therefore got the full right to attack the UN as a tool of the Anglo-American occupants.

The resistance enjoys the full support of the vast majority of the Iraqi people regardless of their different religious allegiances. This is displayed not only by the fact that nobody in Iraq – not even those subservient parties who accepted to participate in the US colonial council – dares to openly back the occupation. Also the guerrilla is growing and moves within the popular masses "like the fish in the water". Meanwhile the resistance movement which is composed of all the different religious and cultural currents within Iraq is striving to build a broad "National Resistance and Liberation Front" opposed to the US "Governing Council".

It is the task of the international democratic and anti-imperialist movement to give full support for the Iraqi resistance. Today the Iraqi liberation struggle is not only concerning the entire Arab nation and the Middle East but all forces, peoples and nations fighting the US world order. In fact the Iraqi battle is a battle against the incipient American Empire.

At the same time the attack on and the occupation of Iraq is also directed against the Palestinian people. It is not by accident that the so-called US "roadmap" providing for some Palestinian Bantustans under Zionist sovereignty and the annihilation of the Palestinians as a nation was dictated while the Anglo-American aggression was in full swing. Therefore the struggle against the US occupation of Iraq and the Zionist occupation of Palestine are inextricably linked.

The anti-imperialist forces from throughout the world gathering here in Assisi´s Anti-imperialist Camp announce a campaign in support of the Iraqi resistance starting in Europe with the collection of 10 Euro per head for the use of the emerging Iraqi resistance front. At the same time we prepare an international solidarity delegation to convey the support of the democratic and anti-imperialist forces to the Iraqi resistance. The Camp calls to support the demonstration "Support the Iraqi people who resists" scheduled for December 6 in Rome.

For the right of self-determination and resistance against imperialism!
Support the resistance against occupation of Iraq and Palestine!
Down with the US world order and its pre-emptive war!


DHKP-C, Revolutionary People´s Liberation Party – Front, Turkey
BAYAN International, Philippines
National Movement – Union of Independent Forces, Venezuela
Sedunia, Austria
Initiativ, Duisburg, Germany
Left Front, Hungary
Iraqi Patriotic Coalition
APC, Arab Palestine Club, Vienna, Austria
KKE/ML, Communist Party of Greece / Marxist-Leninist
ILC, International Leninist Current
RKL-T, Revolutionary Communist League – Thuringia, Germany
Loyalty to Men and Earth, Lebanon
ACTUS, Action for Unity and Socialism, Chad
Abnaa el Balad, Palestine
PDL, Popular Democratic League, Sierra Leone
FNTR, National Front for a New Chad
FUDP, United Front for Development and Peace, Chad
Coordinadora Simà³n Bolà­var, Venezuela
Red Palante, Colombia

Harsh Thakor, Indian democratic rights activist
Vladimir Krsljanin, general secretary of Sloboda (Freedom) Association, Serbia
Hisham Bustani, Socialist Thought Forum, Jordan
Mohamed Regragui, militant of the United Socialist Left of Morocco
Josà© Antonio Egido, sociologist, Basque Communists, Basque Country