Take the Hague Inquisition Tribunal to Court


Fulvio Grimaldi on Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi

For many years the forces constituting the Anti-imperialist Camp have been on the first line in support of the Yugoslav and Serb people in their resistance against the Western aggression. By means of overwhelming military power the imperialism eventually installed a puppet regime in Belgrade. However, even the rulers of the empire are aware of Yugoslav´s and Serb´s historic record of anti-imperialist struggle.

By means of the inquisition tribunal in the Hague, imperialism tries to justify its aggression against a people which for ten long years challenged their hegemony. In this purely political process the perpetrator, who by the way is at the same time the judge, should be turned into the victim while the victim is supposed to endorse the dirty game. This victim is the resistance of the Yugoslav and Serb people taken to court in person of Slobodan Milosevic (despite his unpardonable political mistakes as their leader). However, he has bravely proven to be able to be steadfast, to uncover the Western amalgam and to defend the popular resistance. All the democratic and anti-imperialist forces have to strive to restore the historic legitimacy of the resistance against NATO. It has been laying the ground for the future liberation struggle which will emerge as soon as the imperialist world order is in severe troubles.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

10.00 Plenary Session:
Take the Tribunal to Court
The Hague Tribunal and Milosevic´s self defence

Fulvio Grimaldi, renown Italian journalist and member of the International Committee for the Defense of Slobodan Milosevic (ICDSM)
Witold Fischer, historian, former officer of the GDR´s People´s Army and member of the ICDSM
Serguei Novikov, historian and member of the Central Committee and the International Commission of the RKRP-RPK (Communist Workers Party of Russia – Revolutionary Party of Communists)

16.00 Workshops:

NATO´s new strategy to strike first and Russia´s answer

Rainer Rupp, former high ranking NATO official, former member of the intelligence service of the GDR, journalist and member of the PDS (Party of Democratic Socialism), Germany
Serguei Novikov, CC of RKRP-RKP, Russia
Andrea Metocchia, Roman Coordination for Yugoslavia

Media as the "forth arm" (Jamie Shea) of permanent war

Fulvio Grimaldi
Witold Fischer

Down with the Hague!
Free Slobodan Milosevic!
Down with the Djindic-Kostunica regime!
NATO out of Kosovo, Yugoslavia and the Balkans!