Yugoslavia - a stumbling block for the conquerors of the world


contribution of Vladimir Krsljanin* to the Anti-imperialist Camp

* Vladimir Kr…šljanin, former ambassador, member of the international and Yugoslav committees for defense of Slobodan Milosevic, member of the Head Committee and International Secretary of the Socialist Party of Serbia

On the 5th of October 2000 freedom and democracy were abolished in this country. On St. Vitus´ day 2001 the President Slobodan Milo…ševic was treacherously abducted by the regime and surrendered to the aggressors´ NATO tribunal in the Hague. It opened the way to the definite brake-down of Yugoslavia and its occupation. Today, foreign controllers are sitting in all our state institutions and major firms, while a puppet regime sells out the resources of our country and obediently executes the orders of their foreign masters. The Federal Constitutional Court ruled as anti-constitutional all the executive authorities´ decrees, which served as a pretext for the abduction and surrender of President Slobodan Milo…ševic to the aggressors. But the occupying forces pay no heed and continue with the practices of violating constitution and democracy.
Aggressors and their Gestapo inquisitors from The Hague with a generous assistance of the ministries of the regime opened the new hunting season on Serbs. Recently, the representatives of the Hague "prosecution" visited Belgrade and brought along tens of "secret indictments" as means of intensifying the pressure on the former officials if they refuse to testify, namely lie against the President Slobodan Milo…ševic.
Despite the propaganda of the regime, which clumsily attempts at hiding it, Washington threatens to continue the sanctions and pressures pending the secession of Kosovo and square down with the "President Milo…ševic´s supporters". The Presidential "Notice on continuation of emergency with respect to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), signed by George Bush on May 27th 2002 says that the sanctions against and freezing of the Yugoslav assets in the American banks shall continue... "because the crisis with respect to the situation in Kosovo and with respect to Slobodan Milo…ševic, his close associates and supporters and persons under open indictment for war crimes by the ICTY has not been resolved."
It demonstrates that the regime of DOS, which is falling apart, and its foreign mentors are in panic because of the superior struggle for truth, freedom and dignity of our nation waged by President Milo…ševic before the aggressors sham "court". They are in panic because they are aware that the vast majority of our people support that struggle. In the period of hopelessness and darkness created by DOS, President Milo…ševic helped many to realize what was going on and regain their self-confidence and faith in the prospects of better future.
The people rightly expect that all the politically responsible patriotic forces in our country, that rallied on the occasion of the anniversary of abduction of President Milo…ševic, on the 28th June in Belgrade, will unite efforts to topple down the puppet regime and call for early elections at all levels. The people rightly expect the Socialist Party of Serbia to play the most decisive and active role in that process.
September 11th is a global Tonkin Gulf, followed by declaration of global war to the world at large. The American troops are deployed in 150 countries. Nuclear weapons have been used in Afghanistan. The Caspian oil is no actual cause. They target Russia. On the other hand – failures: Belarus, Moldova, Venezuela, Palestine, brakeup of the vassal social democrats in Europe, and even the Afghanistan. Empire is in agony.
Hitler wrote to Chamberlain on 23 September 1938 that ethnic Germans in Czechoslovakia were exposed to "torture" and that 120 000 of them "were forced to flee their own country", and that "security of more than three million human beings was at stake" and that they were "prevented to realize their national right to self-determination alike". Thus Hitler laid the foundation to "humanitarian intervention", of which NATO boasted as if the greatest achievement of its summit held in Washington a month after thousands of tons of bombs were pouring over Yugoslavia.
Financial connections of the Bushes with Nazi Germany and family of Bin Laden show that the history of 20th century is going to be rewritten.
In this light the struggle of President Slobodan Milo…ševic for truth against merciless intelligence-propaganda of NATO machinery ineptly cloaked in court-room gown becomes synonymous of historical justice.
An insane attempt to take the Serbian nation to trial at a fake NATO court as the most notorious proponent of nationalism, chauvinism, ethnic hatred and genocide in 20th century, and blame the tragedy of Yugoslavia on those who defended it, is falling apart in face of intellectual and political superiority and political consistency of President Milo…ševic, who is backed up by his people and truth.
Fear from defeat in historical and political struggle that can´t be won by lies, makes the mentors of the "tribunal" fight President Milo…ševic by physical exhaustion, prison torture, denial of medical care and blatant violation of his basic rights. In the same vein goes hiding from the view of the public the allegedly public "trial".
The enormous moral degradation is testified to by the fact that the persons contracted or blackmailed to execute such anti-civilization act violating the rights, are veiled in their gowns of judges and prosecutors. As if the lack of good morals was the sine qua non for getting a job in The Hague "tribunal".
Everything is known about moral and judicial heroine, the so-called "chief prosecutor" Carla del Ponte. She shares the pedestal of brazenness with the so-called "prosecutor" Geoffrey Nice and the so-called "judge" Richard May, both Britons, as one of the "amici curiae" Stephen Kay. They pay no attention to law in carrying out their political assignment rewarded by enormous salaries. While it is known and evidenced in the course of "trial", who the real authors of "indictment", ordered by Madeleine Albright are – the British intelligence and "Human Rights Watch".
The industry of lies, false documents and fake witnesses concentrated in the Hague "prosecution", is unparalleled to anything in the history of judiciary. Because after five months of whole day "trials" and about hundred "witnesses" that, so-called "prosecution" has managed to prove nothing, any fair judge would stop that farce long ago, dismiss the "indictments" and acquit President Milo…ševic.
The so called "Judge" May has directly assisted the fake witnesses, limiting cross examination to illogically short time, interrupting questioning whenever he doubts the false witness will be compromised completely, or when a single fact about the crimes of NATO is hinted at or allows to the "prosecution" last minute changes of the order of appearance of "witnesses", to call as "witnesses" own staff and associates, to submit thousands of pages of "materials" without translation, etc.
On the occasion of that ethical crash, shameless ridicule of law and primarily because of dangerous and criminal abuse of rights of President Milo…ševic, entailing criminal liability, the Association FREEDOM – The Yugoslav committee for defense of Slobodan Milo…ševic addressed the letter of appeal to the Ambassadors of all the UN Security Council member countries in Belgrade, holding that body of the universal organization formally most responsible for sanctioning lawlessness of the Hague "tribunal". The letter was handed over to the US and British Embassies in Belgrade, following the demonstrations of several thousand citizens on 28 May 2002, the day when the Russia – NATO summit was held in Rome. The citizens of Belgrade have joined the wave of protests all over Europe against the tour of the chief administrator of the Empire and showed that the center of struggle for freedom and dignity of Europe is still based in Belgrade.
We are inviting all the fighters for peace and against imperialistic domination of the world to support the struggle of President Milo…ševic as their own, and to help by petitions, demonstrations and other forms of protest, the release of President Milo…ševic becomes the start of liberation of Europe.
We are calling on the associations of jurists, lawyers and judges, universities and institutes, organizations for human rights - to exercise permanent pressure on their governments - to move an initiative with the United Nations to end political and legal brutality of The Hague "tribunal" over President Milo…ševic. In view of the fact that the latter institution is illegal, in view of the fact that there is no mechanism within the UN system at all to control its work and that this so called "independent international court" reports only to its political bosses and financiers – the governments of "democracies" like USA, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, their secret services and private and "independent " executors of their politics, such as George Soros Foundation or "Human Rights Watch", from whose ranks most of the staff of the "tribunal" has been recruited.
We are calling on all friends to help compile the data, documents and witnesses who may help unmask NATO and its crimes against peace and people of Yugoslavia.
We are calling on all who cherish truth and justice to daily write and inform the public about the development of "process" in which a global policeman wants to judge the nation that dared defend its freedom and the man who spearhead the defense, the "process" which the political, moral and intellectual valor of President Milo…ševic turned into the trial of the crimes of Empire.
The defense of life, health and fundamental rights of President Milo…ševic constitutes the defense of freedom and rights of all.
The struggle for freedom, human rights and rights of nations and for historical justice headed by President Slobodan Milo…ševic would go on till the final triumph.