We will not give Professor J to the police!


The resistance against the imperial world order is legitimate

The general assembly of the Anti-imperialist Camp gathered in Assisi has unanimously taken the decision to resist the obvious attempts of the Italian authorities to arrest and expell Jaime Yovanivic Prieto as they did already two years ago.

While comrade Jaime´s documents are completly regular and his stay here is therefore entirly legal, the police - under the pretext of checking his immigration documents - want to seperate him from the camp and arrest him avoiding our resistance. Therefore we will not put him in the hands of the police and will resist with peaceful means.

For us Professor J is the emblematic symbol of the entire resistance against imperialism in Palestina, in Colombia, in Turkey and Kurdistan and in many other places of the world. Under the guise of "anti-terrorist" struggle imperialism tries to criminalise the resistance of the oppressed people against neo-colonialism and poverty. The action for which Jaime is wanted was directed against the fascist dictatorship of Pinochet. We defend his legitimate anti-fascist resistance in the same way as we defend the Palestinians, Colombian and Kurdish resistance.

We call upon all the democratic and anti-imperialist forces of the world to defend our comrade Professor J, to stage protests in front of the Italian embassies and send protest addresses to the Italian ministry of interior.