Solidarity greetings from the Citicen Concern Society, Nepal


to the Anti-imperialist Camp

Dear Comrades,
Red Salute and Revolutionary Greetings from the Ground of People´s Struggle

We would like to take the opportunity to convey our best wishes for the gamut success of the festival. We eagerly look forward that the festival will turn out to be a milestone in the struggle against imperialism. We strongly believe that the victory will be of ours, the Proletarians.

We would first like to apologize for not being able to physically attend the festival, which we had really striven to attend. However, we are very much sure that through this festival, the voice of the proletariat shall reach greater heights and to record marks.

At this point, we would like to express our solidarity by introducing ourselves and our mottoes and mission. Presently, people are abducted, tortured and shot dead just for what they believe. Be them the journalists, even human rights activists, political workers or commoner, all are bound to face the same fate. Voices are suppressed, and the government and its media are waging a war-time-like propaganda. Anybody could be called a terrorist and killed or the other way round. Bouncing loud by the back force of the US and British Imperialists, the ruling class has introduced a system at least old than some 5th century feudalistic societies.

Finally, the demand and wishes of the Nepalese people: the formation of an interim government followed by the Constitutional Assembly and then a Constitution of the people, made by the people for the people, is the only but intermediate point where peace can meet Nepal and the Nepalese people. We summon for international co-operation and solidarity for the same.

Long Live the People´s Struggle of Nepal !
Long Live the Proletarian Solidarity !
Long Live the Anti-Imperialists Movement !