Stop the imperialist terror war!


final resolution of Assisi`s Anti-imp Camp

Turn the attack on Iraq into the end of the imperial world order

The participants and organisations gathered at the anti-imperialist camp in Assisi, Italy, denounce the war waged by the US and its allies under the pretext of a war against "terrorism". The attack on the Afghan people, which caused thousands of civilian deaths, has already shown that the real terrorists are the US and its allies whose aim, is the elimination of any opposition in their drive for global economic and political dominance.
The "New World Order" was proclaimed as the end of history, promising global peace, prosperity and democracy. In reality the dictates of IMF, WB and WTO have brought unemployment, poverty and misery. These are the conditions which the popular masses of Argentina and elsewhere reacted against through their rebellion, as an expression of a new global phase of social conflicts. The increasingly tyrannical character of global capitalism was demonstrated by the violent repression of the Argentinean people. The declaration of permanent war exposes these promises as a lie. It shows the decline of the hegemony of imperialism and is an expression of the intensifying social, political, cultural and military contradictions within the system which will violently explode sooner or later.
While the wretched of the earth are deprived of their basic social and political rights, in the imperialist countries themselves these rights are increasingly restricted. Thousands of people are incarcerated in the US and Europe without trial because of their Arab or Muslim decent as a form of racist oppression. Free expression and coalition are falling victim to the "anti-terrorist" crusade as the West attempts to eliminate anti-imperialist, revolutionary and communist forces from political life. The notorious black list of the USA, adopted by the European Union, is proscribing the liberation movements of the oppressed people as terrorist, particularly targeting Palestinian forces, thereby violating its own international laws stipulating resistance against colonialism and foreign occupation as legitimate. The Anti-imperialist Camp will hold a protest demonstration in Brussels on October 26 , 2002 calling for the cancellation of the black list.
The anti-globalisation movement has been representing the first significant opposition against savage capitalism since 1989-91. Therefore the Anti-imperialist Camp considers itself to be an integral part of this movement. Faced with the escalation of international conflicts, this movement is at a major turning point. For too long it has been evading a clear position, being hypnotised by the humanitarian cover the West attributed to their geo-strategic interests. In the face of imperialist aggression against the Yugoslav people, under the guise of defending "Western values", the movements proclaimed neutrality passed unchallenged. After September 11 this was no longer possible, as Bush declared that those who are not on the side of the US would be hunted down as enemies. Some in the leadership of the movement revealed their pro-imperialist character by expelling important anti-imperialist resistance movements, including armed organisations. Thus they delivered the blueprint of the what was to became the US and EU black list.
The Anti-imperialist Camp denounces the tendency to social democratic degeneration within the movement which wants to preserve the capitalist world system by softening the abysmal social contradictions. We oppose their covert and overt support for left liberalism, which is under threat of expulsion from governmental power in many European countries. We reject the US bi-party system being imposed in Europe and we fight against both faces, left and right, of liberalism.
The Anti-imperialist Camp calls for the formation of an antagonistic anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist pole gathering together the forces of the anti-globalisation movement. We announce a united demonstration against the European Union summit in Salonika in June 2003. We will mobilise against NATO and to smash the EU.
The Anti-imperialist Camp is denouncing the illegal Hague tribunal against Slobodan Milosevic which is trying to legitimise NATO´s criminal war against Yugoslavia and its people resisting the imperialist dictates. Furthermore we oppose attempts of the West to impose international jurisdiction by establishing an International Criminal Court in the Hague, merely an attempt to criminalize resistance and legitimise imperialist interests. We condemn the denial of human rights of prisoners of war who are detained like animals in cages. The US internment camp in Guantanamo is the most blatant case. We support all attempts to investigate the massacre against the popular movement of Indonesia in 1965 masterminded by imperialism and causing the death of millions, and to indict its perpetrators and rehabilitate its victims. We call for the release of all political prisoners rotting in the cells of the imperialists and their lackeys (like the Cuban five in the US). As an example we mention the struggle of the revolutionaries in the Turkish prisons. We will stage an international protest meeting on December 19 2002, to commemorate and protest the massacre committed by the NATO state against the political prisoners in order to crush their resistance..
We unconditionally defend the right of the oppressed peoples for social and national self-determination against imperialism. In this context we stress the importance of the struggle of indigenous people for autonomy. The Anti-imperialist Camp defends socialist Cuba and its resistance against US aggression and call for the lifting of the criminal blockade. We denounce the invention of the "axis of evil" and defend these countries against the escalating aggression. We denounce the imperialist inspired coup d´etat against the Bolivarian government of Chavez in Venezuela and support the popular struggle against the oligarchy. We give full support to the liberation struggle of the Colombian people against the continuing massacre committed by the paramilitary forces of the Colombian oligarchy and supported by the US through Plan Colombia under the pretext of the so-called war on drugs. We condemn the continuing extermination campaign against the trade unions, the peasant organisations and the left opposition. We will develop a solidarity movement with the Filipino and Nepalese popular resistance against impending military interventions. We reiterate our support for the right of self-determination for the Basque people and all other oppressed minorities within the EU particularly for those forces who strive for socialism.
Zionism is the most brutal and inhumane form of colonial Apartheid and imperialist oppression. Therefore the David against Goliath resistance of the Palestinian people is an outstanding example which inspires the global anti-imperialist struggle. We stand with the Palestinian people and their demands for the immediate withdrawal of the Zionist occupation, the dismantlement of the Israeli settlements, the right to return to their homes and for a sovereign state with Jerusalem as the capital. As the ultimate resolution we endorse the perspective of the revolutionary forces of the Middle East for a democratic state in historic Palestine. We call for an international mobilisation on the anniversary of the second Intifada on September 28 around the world, and will organise an anti-imperialist solidarity delegation.
Finally we call upon all the democratic, anti-imperialist and revolutionary forces of the world to prepare to defend Iraq and its people against the ongoing genocide and the war the imperialist wish to wage against it, if they dare. We are announcing an international solidarity delegation to serve as a human shield. At the same time we will support the attempt of the anti-imperialist forces to transform the imperialist aggression into a popular liberation war aiming to bring about the end of the New World Order.

Where there is oppression, there will be resistance!
Down with the US and EU terror list – defend basic democratic rights!
Turn the imperialist war into revolutionary movements for national liberation and socialism!

Abnaa el Balad, Sons of the Earth, Palestine
Action of Tchad for Unity and Socialism
Bayan, Philippines
BsB, Movement for Social Liberation, Austria
Campaign against impunity in Colombia
CMKP, Communist Worker`s Peasant Party, Pakistan
Communards, Sardinia
Comunitarismu et Indipendentzia, Sardinia
CPG(m-l), Greece
DHKC, Revolutionary People´s Liberation Front, Turkey/Kurdistan
Direction 17, Italy
Earth and Liberation, Sicily
EHK, Euskal Herria Communists
IAC, International Action Center, USA
IDP, Popular Democratic Left, Mexico
ILC, International Leninist Current
IRSP, Irish Republican Socialist Party
Loyalty for men and earth, Lebanon
LUPO, Osimo Ancona, Italy
Movement for the Con-federation of Communists, Italy
New Left Front, Hungary
Popular Committee for the support of the Palestinian People and the Struggle against the Normalisation with the Zionist Enemy in Tunesia
PFLP, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
RCG, Revolutionary Communist Group, Britain
Red Action, Duisburg, Germany
Red Action, Nürnberg, Germany
Red Umbria, Italy
Resumen Latinoamericano
RKL, Revolutionary Communist League, Austria
RKL, Revolutionary Communist League, Thuringia, Germany
RKRP-RPK, Communist Worker`s Party of Russia--Revolutionary Party of Communists, Russia
SJK Srbija, League of Commmunists of Yugoslavia Serbia
Support Group for the mothers of May Place, Basque Country
YPKP, Indonesian Institute for the investigation of the 1965/66 massacre, Indonesia

Mohamed Regraigui, militant of the Moroccan revolutionary left