Venezuela: Total war to the large land holders, the bureaucracy and reformism


Frente Nacional Campesino Ezequiel Zamora (FNCEZ)

The struggle to materialize the Bolvarian Revolution is facing a crossroads between Total Revolution or Conciliation. This historic moment needs to be defined and the Revolutionary Forces have to without wavering assume their responsibility and bring the process towards the Construction of Bolviarian Socialism. In this sense we are marching, distancing ourselves from traitorous Reformism and from the practice of electoralism and the hegemony of the new elites who are in process of development.

The people are patient, as they march their consciousness grows and each day are identifying the traitor, which reminds us of our dead and the need for precise struggle. We base ourselves on the role of our Commandant Chavez, guide and motor of this revolution and absolutely committed to the excluded.

With this spirit the FNCEZ is marching and manifests the following:

To materialize the Revolutionary project what is decisive is the construction of a new revolutionary morality and ethics, a Zamoran crusade to build a man with new values.

The corrupt and treasonous bureaucrats have to be unmasked who they protect themselves with a red beret so they can bleed the Process.

Sure of our unity necessary to advance, built from the heat of struggle and based on the strategic project of Peoples Power and socialism, we propose to the nation a FRONT THAT BRINGS TOGETHER THE REVOLUTIONARY FORCES.

Faced with the gringo menace and the new offensive of the internal right wing groups we need to organize peoples defense, a military reserve, territorial guards.

To materialize the Agrarian Revolution the following has to be developed:

A massive plan of land occupations on a national level.
A deepening of the State's political intervention: Rescue, Expropriation, and Confiscation of Land and agrarian infrastructure.
Financial credits, accompanied with technical assistance and control of the instruments of labor by the peasants.
Accelerate the construction of endogenous development, building new relations in community which is Peoples Power.
We call for the speedy implementation of the agreements Zamora Toma Caracas, as well the Taller of Peasant Security in Miraflores.
Enough impunity.

38 years after falling in combat Ernesto Che Guevara, light and guide of the Latinamerican Revolution, for you our struggles
Companero and Heroic Guerrilla
(translated by Earl Gilman)