Banned for having spoken in favour of Iraqi resistance


Awni al Kalemji sues German state, releases statement


In 2006 a tour with conferences of the Iraqi politician and declared enemy of the occupation Awni al Kalemji had ended abruptly by a massive police intervention both in Berlin and Hamburg. Mr Kalemji had been arrested and deported. Later a ban was issued to block him from speaking publicly and entering the country.

The move of the German authorities violates the most basic democratic norms and is in full compliance with the interest of the US empire.

Already in 2006 the lawyer Heinz Jürgen Schneider filed a suit against the Land Berlin for Mr Kalemji. The trial is taking place only today (June 10, 2009). There is only one day of court procedures scheduled which is normal for an administrative court.

The case “Kalemji” is actually a case “Federal Republic of Germany” as an expression of the ongoing destruction of the democratic rights. If Mr. Kalemji’s legal action is dismissed it will be used to further suppress unwanted opinion.

Initiativ e.V., Duisburg, German section of the Anti-imperialist Camp


“Resistance against Nazi occupation terrorist?”
Statement of Awni Al Kalemji before a German Administrative Court

Since three years the German governments blocks me from entering the country claiming that I am a “threat to public order”. The crime I committed? I simply spoke out in support of the Iraqi resistance!

But what is the difference between the Nazi occupation of the Balkans and Eastern Europe and the US occupation in the Middle East? Both are essentially about geo-political power and economic dominance. Their aim is imperial control of the world. The only difference is the ideological justification: While the first spoke of superior race the latter claim to “export democracy”. But both feel entitled to rule because they believe to be superior.

According to basic democratic rules a people is allowed to defend itself against foreign occupation. The anti-fascist resistance did so and our people continue to do so. This right is - by the way - enshrined by the UN charter.

The US led occupation of Iraq not only violated international law and the UN rules, it also inflicted together with the antecedent embargo unprecedented devastation and misery upon our people. First millions have been killed by the sanctions then again millions by the impact of the war. Our once prospering and naturally rich homeland is virtually raised to the ground. The infrastructure lies in ruins. All the social indicators remain below the already low level before the US invasion let alone the times before the blockade.

Still there are tens of thousands political prisoners lingering in US jails while death squads backed by the occupation roam the streets trying to instigate sectarian strife.

Even the new US president Obama admitted that the attack on Iraq was a mistake and the ensuing tactics of splitting the county along sectarian lines miserably failed. He promised to withdraw US troops and does no more want to tripart the country.

This is mainly thanks to the steadfast resistance of our people rendering the occupation politically, militarily and economically too expensive and keeping the country together.

The US wants first of all to withdraw to their military bases outside the towns and densely populated areas to escape from the attacks of the resistance. But they will keep supporting and pressurizing a regime which they set up by war and terror and which should follow their orders. If “direct rule” is not possible they turn to “indirect rule”. The resistance will need to adapt to this new situation but will continue its fight for freedom and national liberation.

While even the US is backtracking the German government seems to stick to his old master’s voice – the Bush neo-con camarilla. While they speak of anti-fascism they label resistance terrorism right like the Nazis did: “Achtung Banditen!” While they speak of democracy they trample on the right of free expression and suppress the freedom fighters which try to raise their voice for the liberation of mankind from imperialism.

Will Germany judiciary continue to behave like a Banana republic?

June 6, 2009