Irish nationalists support Hamas


Statement of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (Ireland)

32CSM congratulates Hamas on their electoral victory

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement (Ireland) extends its continued solidarity and comradeship to Hamas, and congratulates them on their great victory in the recent Palestinian elections.

We now call on world leaders, who have been so quick to talk of 'democracy in the middle east', to respect the rights and wishes of the Palestinian people who have now made their voices heard.

We further urge both the European Union and the United States to desist from their hypocritical outbursts in threatening to withdraw aid from the Palestinian people. We say "hypocritical" because, as so many already know, at the same time Britain and the USA continue to supply the Israeli State with millions of dollars worth of arms every year which they then use to slaughter and maim hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children.

The threat of a denial of aid to the Palestinians can be seen as nothing but a terrible and cynical act, used simply as a way of punishing the Palestinian people for exercising their true democratic rights and electing those they see as their true defenders.

Likewise we also condemn the stance of some members of Fatah who, rather than conceding defeat honourably, have chosen to try and break any notion of National unity by refusing to work alongside Hamas in creating a better future for the land and people of Palestine.

Onwards to Victory and Freedom.

Sean Burns (32 County Sovereignty Movement - Ireland