Defy McCarthyism, support Iraqi resistance!


from Freedom Socialist newspaper, Vol. 27, No. 1

IN A DECEMBER 26 ARTICLE, "Harlem Radicals Probed," the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid New York Post alleges, without substantiation, that the Freedom Socialist Party is under federal investigation because of its solidarity with Iraqis resisting the U.S. occupation. Reporter Niles Lathem falsely implies that this support extends to the tactics of the minority of the rebellion who employ terrorism.
The point of this vague threat and sloppy smear can only be to frighten off other potential supporters of Iraqis fighting for their basic right of national independence.

THE FSP IS PROUD TO BE on the side of Iraqi trade unionists, feminists, unemployed workers, and professionals — in fact, the majority of Iraqis — who oppose the occupation and the program of foreign theft and enforced privatization it serves. This is why we defended the right of the European-based Anti-Imperialist Camp and Free Iraq Committees to raise funds for the Iraqi opposition and to meet in Italy this past fall without U.S. interference.
While U.S. warmongers paint the entire uprising as terrorist and try to intimidate U.S. anti-war activists in sympathy with it, they are the real killers — even sponsoring death squads like those in El Salvador in the 1980s ("Dirty War in Iraq," Z magazine, November 2005).
The "war on terrorism" is the cover not only for the brutality against Iraq but for attacks on civil liberties all over the world. The quickest way to stop these outrages is for anti-war activists to defy any and all attempts to scare them into submission and to boldly champion Iraqi resistance.