List of Speakers on the International Conference

List of speakers on the international conference "With the Resistance, for Just Peace in the Middle East"

With the Resistance, for Just Peace in the Middle East
International Conference
March 24/25, Chianciano Terme, Italy

Arab speakers' list


Ayatollah al Sayyed Ahmed al Baghdadi, religious patriotic leader against occupation and imperialism
Abdul Jabbar al Kubaysi, secretary general of the Iraq Patriotic Alliance, member of the Patriotic National Islamic Front
Youssif Hamdan, university professor, leader Communist Party (Ittihad Alshaab), member of the Patriotic and National and Islamic Front
Dr. Fadhil M Hussain, university professor, journalist
Dr. Ibrahim Sulman Rizk, medical doctor
Nouri N. Abd, leader of student and youth organisations
Asrar-A-Abdullatif, leader of the Iraqi Communist party (Central Command)
Mohamed al Khuzai, spokesman of Ayatollah al Hassani, Shiite religious movement against the occupation and for Iraqi national unity and reconciliation


Mohammed Ha. Alissa, representative of the Palestinian left
Dr. Waleed al Modallal, Professor of Political Science, Islamic University of Gaza


Samir Diab, member Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Lebanon
Samah Idriss, writer, director of the letterature magazine "Al Adab" and anti-imperialist activist


Dr. Hisham Bustani, Leftist Pan-arabist leader of the democratic opposition

Invitees from Somalia and Afghanistan will be named later on.