Final resolution of the Chianciano conference

With the Resistance, for a Just Peace in the Middle East
International Conference, Chianciano Terme, Italy, March 24/25, 2007

Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan…
Support the Resistance!
Defeat the US empire, its European allies and its puppets in the Middle East!

An historic battle is raging in the Middle East. Its outcome will determine the future of the region and eventually also that of the entire humanity.

The imperialist offensive - led by the US and supported by the other imperialist bandits and helped by their local satraps - began against Afghanistan and culminated in the invasion of Iraq. Its task reaches far beyond the consolidation of the traditional Western supremacy.

Rediscovering its congenital colonialist appetites imperialism is striving to exercise direct and uncontested rule.

In this frame there is no space left neither for governments nor for nations which refuse to subordinate to American imperial despotism.

Imperialism justified its aggressions by claiming to fight "terrorism" and to "export democracy" mobilising by their chauvinist "clash of civilisations" for a new crusade against Islam. But by "terrorism" they mean any popular liberation movement and by democracy they mean their camouflaged dictatorships which their nurture in the Arab countries servile to them.

The aggressors, once they defeated the governments hostile to them in Afghanistan and Iraq, stuck to the illusion that they had accomplished victory.

But on the contrary they have stimulated steadfast armed resistance movements which - gaining more and more popular support - not only inflicted scattering defeats to the occupiers but foiled all their geo-strategic plans.

The Iraqi Resistance, despite the hostility of the so-called "international community", counting on its own resources has been playing a decisive role. It not only laid the base for its future national liberation but also gave a formidable push to all the other resistances of the oppressed people across the world.

Therefore we condemn the official attempts to isolate the Iraqi Resistance mounted by the Iraqi people. We call to circumvent these attempts and recognise the Iraqi Resistance as the sole legitimate representative of the Iraqi people!

It is not acceptable that, while Iran is under US war threat, Iran is supporting the Maliki puppet government which together with the US occupation continues to massacre the Resistance of the Iraqi people.

The battle cry of the Iraqi Resistance has given an additional push to the heroic Palestinian people which after to decades of a relentless Intifada even intensified its struggle chasing out the Zionists from Gaza and voting for those forces who did not betray the historic goal of the total liberation of Palestine.

The Zionist state, watchdog of imperialism, once again attacked and invaded Lebanon violating international law. They hoped that they would be able to change the relationship of forces in their favour. Instead they suffered a devastating defeat. The Lebanese national Resistance spearheaded by Hezbollah actually achieved a victory of historic and strategic importance which heavily damaged the "New Middle East" designed by the US and Zionism.

We condemn all international attempts at disarming the Resistance in Lebanon as a service to Israel and we condemn the American and French role to impede a solution to the Lebanese internal problem by backing an unconstitutional government not representing the people.

The US regime, still blinded by the hubris of their imperial claims, responded by the escalation of their warmongering.

While in Afghanistan the NATO started a genocidal offensive against the liberated zones, in Iraq the US has increased the occupation troops hoping thus to be able to stop the advance of the Resistance pushing the puppet government, and to keep using the collaborationist militias to step up the fratricidal conflict between the different components of the national community.

In Lebanon, under the aegis of the notorious United Nations, the US and the Zionists have sent France, Italy and Germany to deploy their troops hoping to be able to involve them also there in their permanent plan to exterminate the national Resistance and to bring Lebanon under their tutelage.

As long as the US and its allies do not withdraw their troops from the Middle East, as long as they do not close their military bases, and as long as they keep in place the Zionist entity ,there can be no peace in the region. No people can give peace to its oppressors. A just peace will only be possible with the victory of the liberation movements. In order to win, the resistances need the concrete support of all the anti-imperialist and democratic forces in the world but first of all they need to unify, to co-ordinate, to join hand s in struggle. Its enemy is the same, so is their aim.

All attempts to divide will be refused no matter from where they might come.

We will work hard to win the forces of the anti-war, anti-capitalist and workers movement to fight the imperialist and Zionist occupation by mass action and to push them towards an anti-imperialist position in full support of the Resistance.

We strive to go along the path paved by the Resistances in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, giving its actual support to these struggles and their unity. This unity will step by step by building a network of anti-imperialist forces for common action open the possibility that the hopes of big parts of the oppressed people as well as the Resistance movements in the South and the North, in the East and the West materialize: a united international anti-imperialist alliance.

Down with the occupation - all foreign troops out!
Smash Zionism- for the complete liberation of Palestine!
Stop the permanent and pre-emptive war of the US empire - no to the war threats against Iran and Syria!
Europe must end its support to the US aggressions!
Against UN sanctions on those not subordinating to the Western dictates!
With the Resistance towards an international anti-imperialist front!

Issued by the presidium of the conference organised by the Free Iraq Committee Italy