When Defeat is Victory


By Robert Linderholm, USA

The CNN headlines today read "Senate Republicans scuttle Iraq pullout plan". One might be tempted to think that War Criminal Bush has once again avoided disapproval for his butchering, torturing and displacement of 10 million people. Not so fast! By refusing to accept reality, a hardcore group of US Republicans must now accept full responsibility for the war crimes committed by Bush and his cronies. US Republicans now must accept full responsibility for the wasted and crippled lives of 25,000 US mercenaries. Had the Democratic Party got their way, the inevitable would have been blamed on them. Had the Democratic Party succeeded in forcing Bush out of Iraq, there would have been no opportunity for a complete change in US foreign policy. Only by being completely and fully humiliated in his brutal imperialist adventures will the world, including US citizens, be forced to see Bush as he is, a murderer and terrorist of the first rank. Any other human being in any other country committing such atrocities would be sought for war crimes. Being Bush, with plenty of money to buy foreign governments, he escapes justice. Perhaps not for long if the Iraqi Resistance gains and grows with deserved support at this most critical time.

I recently visited with a young Bush mercenary who had returned from Iraq. He was proud of his unit's "work" there and the fact that they had "smoked" a goodly number of "sand niggers" including women and children. ("Smoked", in US mercenary jargon means to shoot with visual bits of flesh and blood flying out of victims. "Sand niggers" is US mercenary jargon for Middle East Moslems) Besides being an international criminal, this is what Bush has done to several hundred thousand US youth. He has turned them into murderers. One cannot help but be reminded of the "Hitler Youth".

So let us remember this day when a group of Republican party members officially joined Bush's Mercenaries and proudly announced their approval of "smoking sand niggers". The leader of this group of imperialist murderers is Senator Mitch McConnell, 361A Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510-1702.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007