US Marines enter Bangladesh under the guise of relief


by the National Liberation Council Bangladesh

We Bangladeshi people in the costal region were hit 11 days ago by cyclone Syder which killed about 100.000 people. It destroyed 1,5m of homes, uprooted millions of trees, poluted drinking water, destroyed rice crops in the field etc.

In this situation, US imperialists send their Marine force from the gulf which already entered our country without the permission of the government. Now this US Marine Corps declared that they will stay in Bangladesh as they wish to. We oppose this entry in name of relief operation.

The National Liberation Council of Bangladesh is trying to organise opposition against this entry, although we are suffering from state of emergency until 11th January 2007 and a so-called care taker government which is being back by the military in power.

Faiezul Hakim
National Liberation Council Bangladesh
68/2 purana paltan, dhaka-1000