Palestine is Not for Sale!


A Statement by the Free Palestine Alliance, USA

While the Free Palestine Alliance (FPA) condemns in the strongest possible terms the wholesale of Palestine at the upcoming Annapolis Conference; we recognize well that condemnation alone is no longer of any real value. The time is now for a clear alternative to emerge in place of this hopelessly corrupt leadership.

Annapolis, like Camp David, Madrid and Oslo before, is the natural outcome to the path of surrender that Abbas and others have taken. Although this upcoming conference itself may not be a terminal one, it is nonetheless a stepping stone to the gallows, if we allow it, where Palestine is intended for execution by the United States and Israel in full collaboration with their Arab and Palestinian functionary minions.

We have warned before that we can no longer trust this treasonous leadership. Starting with Abbas and passing through Abed Rabbo, Dahlan, Mansour, Malki, Irakat, Qurei, and a host of others too long to be named here, the US government has now added yet another parasitic group of functionary Arabs that can only survive if they deliver the defeat of Palestine on a silver platter.

As was the case following the Nakba of 1948, when the Palestinian movement was reclaimed from the corrupt minions of Britain and the United States, and pan-Arabism emerged in opposition to despotic monarchs and colonial rule, it is once again our role to put an end to this ongoing charade of shame.

"Palestine is Not for Sale", we must all announce loud and clear. And all those participating in its butchery must be tried for their crimes, despite the passage of time.

At this critical stage, the Palestinian people must openly challenge the false claim of representation by Abbas and his minions. We must organize away from all those providing cover and legitimacy for this path of surrender. We must challenge them wherever they are - in every living room, in every mosque and church, and in every political setting. No one should be able to pull the wool in front of our eyes anymore by using the old clichà© of "unity". There can be no unity with those defending treason. And certainly there can be no unity with those extinguishing our existence and burying alive our history.

Treason and surrender can never be acceptable alternatives to our people. Never!

What we need now is a popular and principled unity in the form of a front to oppose this path to disaster. This is the time to organize for a long term political alternative and strategy, starting from every camp, town, and community in Palestine and throughout exile. There are hundreds of thousands of trade unionists, political organizers, professionals, and activists with decades of experience who have arrived at the same conclusion worldwide. Countless meetings are being held in every corner of this globe where our people are systematically rejecting the treason of this corrupt and imposed leadership. A popular and democratic alternative is, therefore, inevitable, and the time is now.

Meanwhile, it is our duty here in the US to expose the likes of Mansour, Asali, Ibish and so many others like them who are benefiting from this silent butchery. If we accept treason and surrender as a "difference in opinion", and give cover and legitimacy to institutions and organizations that serve first and foremost the interest of corrupt despotic regimes, we would be making a mistake of historical proportions.

Enough is enough! This absurdity must stop.

It is time for an alternative to emerge. Details of the Los Angeles meeting will be announced soon.

The Free Palestine Alliance, USA
November 2007