Chad's opposition refuse EUFOR deployment


Interview with Dr. Djimadoum LEY-NGARDIGAL, secretary-general of
the"Chad Action for Unity and Socialism" (Actus), one of the numerous
opposition forces

Q: What do you think of the European military mission?

Ley: Nearly the entire opposition, which is composed of very heterogeneous forces, oppose the deployment of the EUFOR troops. The uninterrupted presence of French troops from the beginning of the colonial times until today - under the guise of the defence of the territorial integrity of an "independent" state - leave a bitter flavour. Several popular revolts against the different dictatorships imposed on us by France have been drowned in blood under direct involvement of French troops. Actually they are nothing less than occupation troops.

The EUROR [of which the main contingent is French] is in coalition with the government and its troops. They will be inevitably dragged into the internal conflict - on the side of the dictatorship. Therefore the four most important armed forces of the national resistance in the east of the country (UFFDD, RFC, UFDD-Fondamentale, CNT) are prepared to be attacked also by EUFOR.

If the EUFOR claims to provide humanitarian assistance than it is nothing else than the tree which covers the forest. The expenses for the military operation - some 300m Euro - would be much better invested in genuine humanitarian relief.

F: What you think of the conflict in neighbouring Sudan?

Ley: President Dà©by was involved in instigating it. For example he financed and armed the MJE movement of Dr. Ibrahim Khalil who shuttles between Paris and N'Djamà©na. It is not by accident that the Sudanese rebels fight on the side of Chad's army against the resistance in the east of our county.

Imperialism is trying to force all countries on their knees which strive to maintain their independence. Sudan is on the US list of rogue states. Big oil resources have been detected in Darfur. In this context the Western attempts to control Darfur become understandable- The alliance between EUFOR, Dà©by and the Sudanese rebels stand for the Balkanisation of Sudan.

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