Solidarity with the Turkish organizations in Germany affected by recent raids


We condemn the 5 December 2007 attacks of the German authorities on ATIF organizations and members

Resistance Not Terrorism!

The German government has once more demonstrated its close links with the Turkish military regime, and that Germany is an imperialist party in the war throughout the "Greater Middle East" as well as a loyal ally of the United States and the State of Israel. Any forces of resistance in the region as well as their exiles elsewhere are denounced as "terrorists" and are to be repressed and silences in internationally coordinated actions, such as the one on 5 December.

Germany and the European Union complement their external policy of war with an unprecedented internal abrogation of democracy. Civil liberties are about to be suspended. The judiciary and the media largely support these measures. After September 11th, the German government passed criminal code section …§129b to extend the persecution of "criminal and terrorist organizations". What they mean, is actually opposition against neoliberalism, war and occupation, as in all special laws passed since 2001.

We appreciate that the ten comrades who were arrested have been released. That demonstrates that the organs of repression have no cohesive case. But we are very much aware that the government enquiries are continuing against you, as well as many other progressive forces and exiled organizations in the EU. We must unite to confront this anti-democratic and pro-war lunacy! Anti-imperialist resistance won't be intimidated and locked away!

We support the joint international campaign to oppose the anti-terrorism laws and to defend civil rights.

Solidarity with ATIF and TKP/ML!
Resistance isn't terrorism!

Antiimperialist Camp, January 2008